Thermal blinds for windows

Thermal Blockout Roller blinds for windows Thermally insulated blinds improve heat control and reduce heat loss better than standard roller blinds. 

Thermal blinds for windows

Thermal Blockout Roller blinds for windows that maintain the thermal sensation of your rooms

Thermal blinds is the revolution of the textile sector and interior design, can you believe that decorating your windows with thermal blinds you can spend a warm winter? Although it seems unreal, this is already possible thanks to the thermal blackout blinds that added this great technology to their fabrics.

Before the window blinds only had the function of maintaining the privacy of any space, over the years the design began to take over and use them as an accessory for the rooms where style and infinity of colors were added, this process was then added to technology implementing unique functionalities such as mechanical actuation, sound insulation, bacterial proof fabrics and thermal insulating fabrics.

How do thermal blinds for windows work?

Thermally insulated blinds work for both ends of the weather. In summer time, the thermal shades prevent the passage of light rays through the windows allowing the indoor climate to be much cooler than the outside. On the other hand, in winter times they prevent heat from inside escaping through the windows, which will give you a very pleasant thermal experience.

The fabrics with which the thermal blinds are made are much thicker and stiffer, which allows that insulating effect that dazzles so many. One of the secrets of this product is that it must be larger than the window to decorate, since if it is smaller or tailored it will not fully comply with the insulating function.

The thermal curtains are the same for both hot and cold climates, because they do not have different systems to combat the weather separately, the same fabric with thermal characteristics is enough to isolate the weather from outside.

A chocolate for the cold winter and what else?

When winter and its icy winds come home, it is essential to be prepared to fight it, in the kitchen cupboard we prepare with huge amounts of chocolate, coffee, tea and oatmeal, which become our best friend, accompany us at home in the afternoons and rainy nights.

We are also armored with sacks, jackets, even blankets, but sometimes everything is not enough, fighting nature is not an easy task, this is why at UNITEC we want to help you with beautiful thermal blinds for windows that in addition to elegant, combine and They fit all environments.

By using this type of Thermal Blockout Roller blinds and Thermal blinds for windows, we will save a lot of money, since we will not need the same amount of protection elements, only a fireplace and a good chocolate with marshmallows will suffice. Of course, never let the family warmth go away.

Not only lemonade refreshes the summer atmosphere

Summer is one of the most anticipated times of the year, as vacations come and with the fun, travel, delicious food and above all the heat, which does not always please so much, because there are days when temperatures are They raise too much and it is preferable to be at home under the air conditioning. Thermal blinds for windows can help you to control the temperatures.

The conditioning system makes energy bills rise through the clouds, because during this time it is used almost all day, a great way to help with the environment and not spend so much energy is by choosing the thermal insulating blinds since the heat from the outside stays between the fibers and prevents the sun’s rays from raising the temperature of your home.

Acoustic insulating blinds

If you want your home to be away from all kinds of external conditions that break into your space, you should know the Thermal blinds for windows.

In the same line of the thermal insulating blinds, are the acoustic insulators, which greatly reduce the sounds from the outside that can sometimes be very annoying. This product is made of thick fabrics and thick fabrics that trap sound waves.

Having a peaceful and noise-free environment is important in a home, this will help you rest better. We advise you to use thermal insulating blinds that have these two great benefits, so while you have a cool environment, you will not have to worry about outside noise.

Our Duette blinds are ideal as it gives you the technology and benefits for your family.



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