Printing Fiberglass PVC Blackout Vertical Blinds Babric 89mm/127mm

Manufacturer of Printing fiberglass PVC Blackout vertical blinds fabric 89mm/127mm

Fabric Name & Code: T-PVC-P01 89mm VERTICAL FABRIC


Fabric Specification:DescriptionStandard
Composition:1 Ply fiberglass, 3 Ply PVC Laminated 
Weave Construction:Plain weave  
Width:1.83m,2.0m, 2.44m, 2.5m, 3.0m 
Weight:440±5% (g/m2)ISO 2286-2
Thickness:0.39±5% mmISO 2286-3
Color Fastness:Grade 6 (Tested DIN EN ISO 105 B02:1999)ISO 105 B02:1999
Fire Classification:California U.S. Title 19 (small scale), NFPA 701-2015 TM#1 (small scale), BS 5867 2008 Part 2 Type B Performance 
Tensile Strength:Warp 2910/5cm,Weft 2500N/5cmDIN53354:1981
Tearing Strength:Warp 64N, Weft 57NDIN53363:2003
Fabric Warranty:3 years (internal use only) 
Care Instructions:Do not allow dust to accumulate. Gently vacuum with appropriate attachment. Do not dry clean. Test in an inconspicuous area with a mild detergent solution before spot cleaning. When spot cleaning does not allow that area to become fully wet, use damp cloth only.


  • Quality Inspection
  • Certification

Description of the printing fiberglass PVC Blackout vertical blinds fabric 89mm/127mm:

As we all know the fiberglass PVC Blackout fabrics are the economical and very affordable fabric for roller blinds, vertical blinds, panel blinds and window shades. because this fabric is fire-retardant, waterproof, 100% blackout and eco-friendly. PVC BLACKOUT fabric’s reliability, strength and complete blackout qualities make it a staple for any fabric range. Therefore, the printing fiberglass PVC Blackout vertical blinds fabric can be used in any space, such as living room, bedroom, office, shopping mall, and so on.

The composition and type of fiberglass PVC blackout fabrics:

The composition is 1 ply fiberglass and 3 ply PVC laminating (25% Fiberglass and 75% PVC). The type of fiberglass PVC blackout fabrics including plain blackout blinds fabric with and without printing on the blinds fabric. Thanks for our R&D Department’s work in recent months, They developed the new Printing fiberglass PVC Blackout vertical blinds fabric 89mm/127mm, And this fabric can be also made to roller blinds. Please see below photo:

PVC Blackout vertical blinds fabric
Printing fiberglass PVC Blackout vertical blinds fabric 89mm/127mm, PVC Blackout vertical blinds fabric

We can make it for roller blinds in max width 3000mm and for vertical blinds fabrics in 89mm and 127mm. And you can choose printing on one side or two sides of the fabric.

How we can help you to make your own design?

If you have your own design want to make, we can produce it according to your requirements. Because UNITEC has the in-house R&D department to help our clients to develop new textures, new designs for the window shades fabrics.

PVC Blackout vertical blinds fabric

How to buy Printing fiberglass PVC Blackout vertical blinds fabric and what’s the MOQ?

You just send an email to contact our sales department or send your inquiry on this page, we will get back to you within 12 hours. The MOQ is only 15000 meters, and you can buy this fabric combines roller blinds and vertical blinds.

What’s the guarantee time and delivery time?

The guarantee time is 3-4 years and delivery time is 28-31 days.

What is our production process and quality control system for the vertical blinds?

PVC Blackout vertical blinds fabric

Yarns Spinning




Inspection and packing

The quality systems of UNITEC:

PVC Blackout vertical blinds fabric

What we inspect before loading?

  1. Quantity: We check the quantity of the whole order and do the random inspection of the quantity of the rolls.
  2. Packing: We check whether the packaging is intact or not.
  3. Labels: We check whether the labels are intact or not.
  4. Measurement and function: We measure the width, quantity of the roll and so on.
  5. Color: We use the spectrometer to check the colors.
  6. Blackout performance: We use the strong light to test the blackout performance.
  7. Flatness: We check the flatness of the fabrics on the long table.
  8. Skew and cupping/curling: We make a finished blind to test the skew and cupping performance.

What we do if you have a complaint?

PVC Blackout vertical blinds fabric

Quality Inspection

1. Quantity■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
2. Packing■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
3. Labeling■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
4. Style, material, color, Artwork■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
5. Workmanship■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
6. Measurement, function■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
7. Test/ Test report■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
8. Cleanliness on site■Passed          □ Failed            □ N/A           □ Client’s decision
9. Child safety issues■Passed          □ Failed            □N/A            □ Client’s decision


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