Colour matching fabrics for roller blinds, vertical blinds, sun screen blinds

Colour matching fabrics for roller blinds, vertical blinds, sun screen blinds

fabrics for roller blinds

As you know that the window blinds is window coverings now, It’s the fashion and design. So the fabric colors need to be matched your wall, carpets, furnishings, artworks and so on. We offer a custom colour matching service to bring a limitless world of colour to your business premises or home. Give your room a gorgeous new look with one of our stunning Roller blinds fabrics.

With access to a virtual bank of shades and a wide range of fabrics for roller blinds, vertical blinds, sun screen blinds, our plain colour print service allows you to create new ranges or coordinate with existing ones.

Simply submit your target shade (a physical sample or Pantone reference), select the fabric base you require and we will return a colour palette on your selected textile with the closest matched colours.

All colours are matched in standardized daylight cabinets to ensure we get the best match under controlled lighting conditions. Once a proper match has been made, we will prepare your colour swatch and include close variants around the target shade to offer you more choice.

fabrics for roller blinds

This year’s roller blind collection includes not only a multitude of freshly printed patterns but matching solid colour fabrics and sophisticated textile effects as well. Our dedicated sales team is available to discuss pricing with you so enquire today! The cost of the samples will be deducted from the price of your overall fabric order, so our service is a very cost-effective way of achieving the colour of fabric you desire.

Knowing that blinds are only one component of a home design, our customers now have the confidence to work off a consistent range of colours to bring an increased level of professionalism to all of their DIY projects.

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  1. Simon

    In modern times, many homes contains roller blinds. Day by day, their application is gradually increasing. They are used both at home and office. The primary reason for the growing popularity is their fashionable designs and functional roles. Different types of blinds are available in the online portals, and you can find these in a wide range of colors, shapes and designs, made of different materials that are sturdy and durable.

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