There are not many items that can show the quality of a home’s design better than a fabric window blinds. The FABRIC WINDOW BLINDS TRENDS with respect to these decorative elements are always changing. You need to be aware of you will miss many possibilities. So if you want to give your spaces a fresh image, there are some aspects that you should consider when buying window blinds fabric. Here are 4 types of window blinds, there are layered shades, Motorized blinds, textured roller blinds fabrics and colored roller blind fabrics

1.- Selection of layered shades

It is important that you do not limit yourself to just one model of fabric window blinds for your home. Currently, combining more than one style has become quite popular. Through this type of decoration, a lush, multi-layered appearance is achieved and, in addition, the temperature is best preserved. This is also a great option to block the sun if you prefer deeper darkness.

Now, you need to know what styles it is possible to combine inside the house. For this, at UNITEC we have a wide variety of window blinds fabric that will give a more elaborate look to the decoration of your rooms.

  • – Motorized blinds

Motorized blinds are part of the growing automation trend of home functions. These elements can be timed, used with remote control, a fixed switch on a wall or through a smartphone. In addition, this type of window blinds fabric will help to achieve a feeling of luxury that is difficult to replicate with another alternative.


The motorization option can be added various sets of fabric window blinds for the living room and other rooms. This trend guarantees that your environments will always look modern. Also, being able to be controlled remotely makes them perfect for windows that are in very high places or difficult to access.

3.- Contrast textured roller blinds fabrics

Because the textured roller blinds fabrics can be manufactured in a wide variety of materials, they are perfect for adding some texture to the house and breaking the monotony of the walls. A great example of this is the Roman blinds, roller blinds, which offers you a wide variety of window blinds fabric.


4.- Contrast in colored roller blind fabrics

By this, it alternates between nuances that occupy opposite positions within the chromatic scale. For example, it is possible to reserve the color blue in a pastel hue on the walls of a room, which will combine with colored roller blind fabrics in warm tones. In that case, the contrast between warm and cold tones colored roller blind fabrics offers a pleasing sight.

When you start contrasting colored roller blind fabrics, window blinds fabric, layered shades, consider the nuances that you will choose in your roller blinds colors and the effect they will have on a room. For example, red tones can be very invigorating, but overuse will make it difficult to find peace of mind in that environment. In contrast, blue tones offer you calm and tranquility, so you must balance the effect of each color.


Now you know the main trends of decoration with colored roller blind fabrics, window blinds fabric that you should consider for your environments. These will help you find the style that best suits your environments and thus make them feel fresh and current.



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