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The pattern is plain BasketWeave 2 × 2, And the openness factor is 5%. UNITEC sunscreen roller shades fabric is a woven vinyl-Coated polyester screening manufactured for the primary use of reducing solar heat gain in the summer and reducing heat

Rich in texture, design, and color. It offers a fresh and unique appearance combining the conventional benefits of sunscreens with a designer edge.

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According to the fabric, the roller shades are divided into 100% blackout roller shades, semi blackout roller blinds, semi-transparent roller blinds, transparent view roller shades (Fabric sunscreen shades), as well as waterproof roller blinds, anti-ultraviolet roller blinds, anti-fouling, and wash-free roller blinds; According to the control method, they are divided into Manual roller shades, electric roller shades, spring roller shades. The roller shades have a simple and beautiful appearance and are easy to operate and use, especially for large-area glass curtain walls. When the roller shades are opened, it can block the strong direct sunlight outside, soften the indoor light, and achieve a good shading effect; and When the roller blind is closed, it occupies a small volume and does not occupy a lot of space on the wall, ensuring the overall effect of the room.

Today we are going to talk about fabric sunscreen shades, which is a new type of multi-functional environmentally friendly roller shades fabric. It uses imported matte environmentally friendly pigments to ensure the fabric’s light color and luster; the openings are uniform, and the multiple processes are strictly controlled. Lattice shape; look closely at the fabric, the yarn is round and full, with a strong sense of three-dimensionality.

Fabric sunscreen shades have a variety of application functions:

  1. Flame-retardant, UNITEC’s Fabric sunscreen shades have passed the flame-retardant tests of professional organizations such as flame-retardant 2, B1, French M1, NFPA701, etc., to ensure that they can pass the national acceptance regardless of random inspection, or inspection.
  2. The colorfastness of fabric sunscreen shades is high, and the lightfastness of the sunlight fabric used has reached the highest level 8 in the international industry.
  3. Environmental protection, lead content ≤50ppm, formaldehyde content 0, odorless, and fully meet the high standards of environmental protection requirements.
  4. Shading through the view, with a variety of aperture ratios to meet different shading requirements, the larger the aperture ratio, it can also be breathable, transparent and heat-insulating while shading and anti-ultraviolet. It is not good for indoor light areas. Very suitable; the smaller the opening rate, the better the shading and shading effect, and it can play a good role in protecting the room where the sun is exposed for a long time.
  5. High strength. The tear resistance of the sun fabric is very high. It is suitable for systems with high tension. It can meet the requirements of applications such as high hanging heights, outdoors, and ceilings and the fabric of glass fiber material have low elongation. Will not deform due to long-term use.


The fabric sunscreen shades are the best technical and innovative option to dress the windows of the office, house, hospital, and so on because their properties make this fabric suitable for all environments. The material of the fabric sunscreen shades is 30% polyester and 70% PVC. However, In certain circumstances, stronger fire resistance is required, and the fabric needs to be more straight and durable. Therefore, fabric sunscreen shades is the best choice.

It is a type of sunscreen roller shades ideal for offices. Its main use is for the roller blind, both interior, and exterior, although it is also used for vertical slat blinds and Panel track blinds.

So, If you are a ready-made blinds manufacturer, or sunscreen roller shades fabric wholesaler, you need a professional and reliable manufacturer of sunscreen roller shades fabric 5% to be your supplier. So, UNITEC is the best choice for you.

Our goal is to increase beauty, applicability, and comfort. We can use sunscreen roller shades fabric 5% in any public space and home, such as office shopping malls, coffee shops, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., so we can use New designs for sunscreen roller shades fabric in any place with windows.

The problem we want to solve is how to use our sunscreen roller shades fabric 5% to make the space more dynamic and vigorous, and appear wider.

So, how are fabric sunscreen shades made?

fabric sunscreen shades

The pattern is plain BasketWeave 2 × 2, And openness factory is 5%. UNITEC fabric sunscreen shades is a woven vinyl-Coated polyester yarns screening manufactured for the primary use of reducing solar heat gain in the summer and reducing heat.

Regarding raw materials, first of all, we use high-quality PVC plastic particles to coated polyester yarns to make the yarns for sunscreen roller shades fabric 5%. Moreover, All raw materials are environmentally friendly materials. The sunscreen shades fabric 5% is a lasting option for managing your environment.

fabric sunscreen shades

Secondly, use the advanced weaving machine to produce the base fabric. The weaving machine has high precision, short cycle, and high agility.

Colors Collection:

fabric sunscreen shades
screen blinds fabrics color collection

Technical Data for sunscreen roller shades fabric 5% openness:

Fabric Specification:Description
CodeURS301 – URS3015
ApplicationRoller Shades, Roller Blinds, Panel Track Blinds, Vertical Blinds
Composition30% Polyester, 70% PVC
Weave Construction2 X 2 Plain Weave
Openness Factor5%
Width2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m
Yarn Count UnitWarp: 0.32mm, Weft 0.32mm
Fabric CountWarp: 48/inch, Weft: 48/inch
Tensile StrengthWarp: 380lb, Weft: 380lb
Color Fastness7-8 ISO105-B02:2014
Fire ClassificationNFPA701, BS5867-2
UV Blockage:Approx 95%
Fabric Warranty10 Years (internal use only)
CertificateISO9001-2008, ISO14001, Oeko-tex 100, SGS, Intertek
Care InstructionsUse a simple damp cloth to remove any type of stain or dirt.

Solar Optical Properties:

Fabric CodeURS301URS302URS304
Solar Reflection (Rs)%655747
Solar Absorption (As)%132743
Solar Transmission (Ts)%192013
Visible Light Transmission (Tv)%131210
Ultraviolet Transmittance (Tuv)%555
Shading Coefficient SC0.330.40.47


fabric sunscreen shades

No matter which business model you adopt, why do you need to choose this sunscreen roller shades fabric 5%?

  • If you are a branded company of blinds fabric, This sunscreen shades fabric 5% can help you expand your color range. And furthermore, we can also make new colors for you.
  • If you are a blinds fabrics wholesaler or distributor, This polyester sunscreen fabric 5% can not only help you expands your market and product series. It can also increase the added value of your product. And the MOQ of this fabric is only 1 roll for any width if it is available in stock.
  • If you are a blinds fabrics retailer, this polyester sunscreen fabric will help you to gain more customers because this solar screen fabric has a special color collection, and moreover, It has a small MOQ. And usually, we will hold the regular stock.

The quality assurance you will get if you buy the polyester sunscreen fabric 5% from UNITEC:

  • Quality Warranty: 10 years
  • If there is a product quality problem, Our sales manager, customer support department, quality control department and production department will serve you together. You will get a confirmation response within 12 hours; In addition, Within 24 hours, you will receive our investigation report; You will get a solution within 48 hours; Within 72 hours, you will see the results of our execution.


Roll Length:30m/roll Inner packing: Polybag and Carton Tube Port of Loading: Shanghai, China. Customized labels and logos are available.

Trade Terms

MOQ: 1 roll (If in stock), 500M each color and width (if no stock) Delivery time: 1-2 days (if in stock), 20 days for bulk production Payment Term: We offer a flexible payment term. Quality guarantee period: 10 years


Q: How to get a sample? How long can I get the samples? A: We supply free A4 samples and the customer pays for the postage. Usually for four or seven days. Q: What are the shipping options? A: Sea, Airfreight, or Train to European countries. Q: When will I receive my order? A: It depends on your shipping method, The goods can be ready for 1-2 days (if in stock), and 25 days for bulk production. Q: What do I do if I have the claim? A: If there is a product quality problem, Our sales manager, customer support department, quality control department, and production department will serve you together. You will get a confirmation response within 12 hours; Within 24 hours, you will receive our investigation report; You will get a solution within 48 hours; Within 72 hours, you will see the results of our execution. Q: How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here? A: All UNITEC Team can help you with different issues: Please see the details below: [email protected] (Business Inquiry & Sales Department), [email protected] (Production Department), [email protected] (Quality Control Department), [email protected] (Customer Support Department), [email protected] (General information processing Department) Q: Where are you located? A: Our head office is located in Shanghai, China, and our factory is located in Huzhou city, Zhejiang Province, China. Q: Are the OEM and ODM accepted? A: Yes, we accept OEM and ODM. Q: Are you a direct manufacturer or trading company? A: UNITEC is a leading manufacturer of roller blinds fabrics, vertical blinds fabrics, sunscreen blinds fabrics and zebra blinds fabrics since 2002. Welcome to visit our factory anytime.

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