Bedroom blinds – trends and inspirations for a modern bedroom

As we all know, a bedroom is a place where you should feel comfortable and secure. The most important things are sleeping well at night and waking up comfortably at the start of the day. Too much heat from sunlight or a lack of privacy is not an option, which is why you need solid and timeless solutions for your bedroom window coverings. One such solution is roller blinds to cover the bedroom window. We give you tips, trends, and inspirations for bedroom blinds.

Wooden shutters in modern bedroom

If you’re looking for the perfect bedroom blinds. We present wooden shutters made of solid wood. They are great if you are looking for quality and fashion. Their functionality ensures that you can control the daylight in your room, allowing you to sleep soundly and wake up comfortably in the morning.

Wooden blinds are one of the best-selling bedroom blinds because they are natural and make your room warm and cozy. They fit very large windows – we offer wooden blinds up to 360cm wide in a variety of colors. Wooden shutters make the room look stylish and elegant with a classic design.

Due to its natural design, wooden shutters are suitable for many types of interior design (Scandinavian, modern, industrial). Our extensive range includes products with different slat widths (27mm, 35mm, 50mm, 65mm) and bespoke options. We offer you additional accessories such as ladder straps, different types of draperies or multiple colors – all to create the perfect blinds for your bedroom.

Bedroom blinds

Bamboo shutters in modern bedroom

Bamboo blinds are one of the best-selling bedroom blinds – they look great in bedroom interiors. Not only are they natural curtains for the bedroom, but they are a great window decoration to enhance the decor of the room. Sunlight controls and their design make your bedroom calm, warm and comfortable – something everyone is looking for. Bamboo blinds are one of our customers’ favorite products!

Benefits of bedroom blinds

  • As we all know, a good night’s sleep guarantees a good mood for the rest of the day. Thanks to the use of bedroom blinds, you will not wake up restless, but energetic and comfortable. It is the effect of an adjustable amount of sunlight in the morning using the blinds. An added benefit is the bedroom’s heat protection, although you should remember that internal window treatments will never provide as much protection against overheating as external products. Horizontal blinds are ideal for bedrooms as they provide a balance between privacy and the amount of sunlight entering the room.

Bedroom blinds

Modern bedroom blinds – trends and inspirations

  • Interior trends for 2022 include natural colors and textures for interiors. Wooden and bamboo bedroom blinds are the most purchased by customers across Europe, because they offer everything you would expect from window coverings.

Black, white, and natural wood colors have been particularly popular with our customers in recent years, and we totally understand. Natural materials have gained popularity as they offer unparalleled look and design. Bedrooms blinds made with wooden, or bamboo are beautiful and give people a calm and cozy feeling. White and black are timeless colors and they suit almost any type of interior.

Bedroom blinds

Other window coverings for the bedroom

  • Horizontal blinds aren’t the only option when looking for bedroom blinds. Depending on your needs, you can opt for other types of window coverings. See below which different window coverings you can choose for the bedroom.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are suitable for living rooms or offices. Thanks to the possibility of making very large dimensions, you can find them in many places. They also allow for easy control of the light, while providing privacy. While they sound like the perfect bedroom solution, you should also consider the downsides.

Noise is created when slats collide with each other in a swinging motion. This can also happen when you have the window open or turn on a fan in the bedroom. Swinging is also not good if it happens constantly, opening and closing vertical blinds frequently can lead to a loss of product quality.

Roman blinds

  • Roman blinds can be used in many interiors due to their versatility. They are made of fabric or bamboo and are suitable as stylish window coverings. It is important to know that these fit best for large windows.

Their main drawback is the system to open and close the roman blinds. You can only do them up or down. If you put them up everyone can see what’s going on in your house, if you put them down you don’t have much sunlight.


Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are known for their unusual design. Their ability to open and close from above or below gives a fresh accent to your interior. The only drawback is the higher price and maintenance of pleated blinds. Their major drawback will also be a lack of insulation, especially during winter with cold temperatures.


Roller blinds

Roller blinds are one of the most common window coverings for many rooms. The low price and the user-friendly system of opening and closing the blinds make them a popular choice. Roller blinds are an inexpensive option for window treatments. Fewer customization options and poorer sunlight control than blinds are just some of the drawbacks. Roller blinds are also not suitable for narrow or specially shaped windows.

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