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Manufacturing, R&D, and Designing roller blinds fabrics since 2002

Manufacturing, R&D, and Designing roller blinds fabrics since 2002

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Roller Blinds Fabric

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We know the struggles companies go through to acquire roller blinds fabrics for their end consumers. From poor product quality and harsh payment terms, to large MOQ and long delivery periods…all these make it hard for businesses to meet their customers’ needs and stay in business.

Let us help

At UNITEC, we are the leading manufacturer of fabrics that specializes in producing a wide variety of roller blinds fabrics. We have endless options in fabric collections: from roller blinds fabrics, sunscreen fabrics, zebra blinds, shades and shutters, as well as pearl soft backlit fabrics.

Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t waste your time or money. We strive to deliver exactly what you need, on time, and at the lowest minimum order quantity. You no longer have to worry about spending thousands of dollars as we are experts at reducing costs, and avoiding all costly mistakes made by others.

We have the strongest process innovation, the best customer service, and responsiveness, and offer reduced costs on all your shipping inventories.

No one knows more than we do about fabric design and performance. With us, you will find the perfect roller blind solution for every situation.

We get it right. The first time. Every time.

So what are you waiting for? Want to reduce risk and overhead?

Buy your blinds fabric from us TODAY!




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