Automatic roller shutters and ordinary electric roller blinds are sometimes confused. We found a lot of explanations for automatic roller shutters online, then related them to the normal electric variants. 

In some places this is true because the automatic variants are of course electric, but in some places, it is not true because electric roller blinds don’t always work automatically. That’s why we’ve included some additional explanation in this blog post so you can recognize the differences. 

Normal electric shutters

With electric roller shutters, the focus is on the operation. It mainly works with a switch or a remote control. With this, shutters can be raised or lowered, and this is done completely electrically.

automatic roller shutters

A roller shutter is supplied with belt operation as standard. This works with a belt, with which a roller shutter can be raised or lowered manually. 

There are different remote controls to operate one or more roller shutters at the same time. A multi-channel remote control is often chosen, so that several roller shutters can be operated simultaneously. If you opt for the electric variant, each roller shutter needs its own motor.

Electric automatic shutters

automatic roller shutters
  • Automatic roller shutters include roller blinds that can be raised and lowered automatically. They work with different sensors, timers, and obstacle detection to simulate that you are at home. 
  • Automatic roller shutters move up and down at critical moments. For example, they may fall or partially fall when the sun is shining, or they may rise to add light to the interior.

They can also be lowered and raised naturally so that it’s as if someone is home and burglars never know when to strike! 

  • Operate via remote control and using app. Automatic roller shutters can also be operated by remote control and in many cases by app. An app also lets you program the roller shades to raise or lower them at specific times. 

automatic roller shutters

Automatic Roller Blind Extensions

  • For the selection of automatic roller shutter click, you can click on the product homepage to consult our experts.

The motor is primarily concerned with sensor results that measure sunlight, wind speed, and temperature. The motor knows what to do and can raise and lower at the right time. It also operates silently! 

Why Choose Automatic Roller Shutters?

  • Operating a roller shutter electrically is much easier and requires less effort than manual operation via a belt. Automatic operation makes it more convenient. It can also be set to raise or lower the shade at specific times, so you don’t have to worry about privacy and security anymore.

By automating roller shutter doors, you can ensure a pleasant indoor temperature, but also reduce the risk of burglary. Of course, it is exceptionally easy to maneuver and very comfortable, even for people with physical limitations.

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