Zebra curtain disassembly method, how to disassemble the flexible zebra curtain?

Zebra shades blinds are also a curtain that people will choose in the daily decoration of the window, zebra curtain a collection of simple rolling curtain, warm fabric, shutter dimming three functions into one, unique style is loved by people.

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zebra shades blinds

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Composition: 100% Polyester

Style:Zebra 7.5cm x 5cm
Width: 2.85M
Weight:237 g/m² ±5 %

Fabric Name – Code: UNZ17

Composition: 100% Polyester

Width: 2.85M
Weight:134 g/m² ±5 %
Roll Length: 50m ± 5m or Customized

zebra shades blinds

Zebra shades blinds disassembly method:

1.Slightly pull out the handle of the soft screen window 10 cm, and then slowly pull out the screen roll in the direction of the home.

2. Some flexible window accessories have a hook, as long as the hook is pulled out first, it is the same truth.

3. After the window screen roll is taken out, the aluminum alloy at the handle is moved out.

4. When taking, be careful not to get the yarn net stuck to the corners, causing the yarn net to break and damage.

zebra shades blinds

Zebra shades blinds maintenance methods:

1.Daily maintenance can be lightly brushed with a feather duster, or with a hair dryer at low temperature;

2. In the case of stains, sponge or soft cloth dipped in warm water with neutral detergent gently wipe;

3. If you want to be fully cleaned, you can use a small vacuum cleaner to clean, or wash with cold water shower, pay attention not to scrub with hard objects; 

4. Remember not to be exposed to the sun after cleaning, let the zebra curtain in a completely down state of natural drying. Reading the above zebra curtain removal and maintenance, you can see that the zebra curtain removal operation is very simple, and the maintenance is the same. And this zebra curtain not only gathers simple, warm, dimming function, the form of shading is also diversified, is the ideal choice for office and home window decoration. So you can rest assured to buy, zebra curtain disassembly and maintenance in accordance with the small editor said, you can also refer to the “perforated curtain how to disassemble and wash? Roman ring curtain disassemble and wash precautions”, may also be helpful.

What fabric is best for curtains? Look at their pros and cons

zebra shades blinds

First, cotton and linen curtains
Cotton and linen curtains are simple and durable, is a warm and breathable good curtain fabric, but the disadvantage is that it is easier to wrinkle, in addition to regular ironing clothes to keep flat, you can also wrap cotton and linen cloth in a carton carefully stored.
Two, chiffon curtains
Chiffon curtain is a fabric easily recognized by most people, it has the advantages of light, breathable, easy to clean, and the disadvantage is that it is easy to get wet, not wash and durability is not high enough.

Three, canvas curtains
The appearance of the canvas curtain is rough and free, with durable, anti-pollution and moisture resistance advantages, but the disadvantages are also obvious, that is, the canvas curtain is translucent material, if you want to ensure the privacy of the room, the lighting requirements are very strict, need to be selected according to the size and structure of the room.
Four, polyester curtains
Polyester curtain is a comprehensive curtain fabric, it has the characteristics of simple, easy to maintain, can also play the role of corrosion and moisture resistance, but due to the lack of elasticity, can not be expected, so that it also has certain defects.

zebra shades blinds

In general, whether it is cotton and linen, chiffon, canvas or polyester curtains, or even brocade curtains, choose the most suitable curtain fabric, we must consider their advantages and disadvantages, and the characteristics of home and outdoor space, in order to choose the curtain fabric that really suits the needs.

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