6 Facts You Should Know About Zebra Shades Blinds For Windows

Zebra shades blinds for windows have come to be positioned in interior decoration, thanks to the fact that they allow controlling the passage of sunlight when it is required. There are many characteristics and functions that are attributed to these blinds, but the main one is that they can be adapted both in homes, as well as in offices and shops, giving them a much more modern style.

They are born as a combination between a Blackout blinds fabric and Sunscreen, with the sole purpose of improving the management of exterior light. It is currently used for environments that require greater control of lighting or to achieve greater privacy, if necessary.

Here are some facts you should know about zebra shades blinds for windows:

Originality: it is important to purchase zebra shades blinds for windows that have aluminum tubes with acrylic operating systems and fabrics cut to the millimeter. It is advisable to make sure that the manufacturing process was carried out with the use of quality machinery, which will undoubtedly ensure a perfect finish, and avoid failures in its operation.

Blackout fabric details: Blackout fabric gives Roller Duo shades unique properties, such as completely blocking out natural light. This is due to the fact that it is composed of four laminar layers, a front, a back, and two insulating interiors. Undoubtedly, these attributes qualify it as ideal for living rooms or offices in which it is necessary to project videos or some other audiovisual material.

For those windows where the sun beats down for several hours a day, a practical and smart option is to place roller blackout blinds since the technical components of their fabrics form a barrier against UV rays and also act as a thermal insulator from heat, maintaining a much more pleasant climate inside the environments.

Sunscreen Fabric Details: Sunscreen fabric features a UV filter that helps protect the life of furniture and home accessories. It is made of a micro-perforated sheet that allows the passage of light and unidirectional visibility. This fabric makes zebra shades blinds for windows highly suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and offices.

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zebra shades blinds for windows

Components: when purchasing a zebra shades blinds for windows, it is necessary to verify that all its installation accessories are inside the packaging. It must have the general tube, which is responsible for the support of the fabrics and constitutes a fundamental part of the rotating mechanism. The clutch, counter-clutch, bracket, chain, chain stop, bracket cover, socket, socket cover, double bracket and double bracket covers should also come.

Functions of zebra blinds

Thermal capacity: by virtue of the thermal properties of the zebra blinds, there is a substantial energy saving when ventilating the environment during low temperatures. In addition, they are fire resistant, so they provide security against unforeseen accidental combustion events.

Aesthetic benefits: despite their main functions, it should not be forgotten that zebra shades blinds for windows must respond to a decorative need that is equal to, or just as important, as their other attributes. It has to represent an elegant and modern solution for formal spaces and adapt to the home environments that require its installation.

zebra shades blinds for windows should not be lacking in those places that require protection against direct sunlight, much less in environments that need a touch of distinction, modernity and design.

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