How to use zebra curtain?

Zebra curtain is a relatively novel curtain products, more and more popular in recent years. Its unique feature is that it can adjust the indoor light at any time, making the indoor light more soft and comfortable. At the same time, it can also play a good role in protecting privacy and bring people a better life experience. This article will explain how to use zebra installation.

1. Prepare for zebra installation:

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Before we can start using zebra curtains, we need to do some preparatory work. First, we need to determine where the zebra curtain will be installed to ensure that it can be smoothly pulled open and closed. Secondly, we also need to prepare some commonly used tools, such as drill, ruler, pencil, screwdriver and so on.

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zebra installation

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zebra installation

2. Zebra installation:

Before the installation, we need to measure the size of the window, and then choose the appropriate zebra curtain according to the actual size. When use zebra installation, we need to secure its screen reel to the window

The frame is on, and then the curtain is fixed on the reel. Finally, we will use the screw to set the zebra curtain on the window to make sure that it can be firmly hung on the window.

zebra installation

3. Use a zebra curtain

When using the zebra curtain, we can adjust its tilt and pull through the rope. When we need to make the indoor light more gentle, we can pull back the zebra curtain to let the outside sunlight into the room. When we need to protect our privacy, we can close the zebra curtain so that people outside cannot see what is going on inside.

4. Maintain zebra blinds

Just like any other curtain, zebra curtains require constant maintenance. We can use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to clean its surface to remove dust and dirt. If the zebra curtain has some stubborn stains, we can use a damp cloth or special cleaning agent to clean it.

Overall, the zebra curtain is a very practical curtain product, which is unique in providing more flexible light control and privacy protection. When using it, we need to pay attention to develop a reasonable use strategy to play its maximum role and protect its life.

zebra installation

Through the above introduction, we have a general understanding of the classification of zebra curtains and whether it is good or not. We can see that the zebra curtain can be divided into semi-shading zebra curtain, imitation hemp zebra curtain and full shading zebra curtain according to the different shading effect of the fabric, and their shading effect is from low to high. The reason why they have different shading effects is because of different fabrics, we can choose according to their actual needs. Different shading curtains can be said to have no clear advantages and disadvantages, but each has its own advantages, their consistency is to create partition and decorative effect for us. It can be said that zebra curtains are a very inexpensive home improvement items.

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