How to choose the right wooden blinds? | Advantages and disadvantages of wooden blinds

Why wood blinds are a good choice for you? The editor will help you sort out the advantages and disadvantages of zebra dual shades, so that you can make a comprehensive comparison and then decide the type of curtain that suits you best.

Advantages of wooden blinds:

Easy to clean: Wooden blinds are not like traditional aluminum blinds, you need to be careful to clean them for fear of bending the zebra dual shades or scratching your hands; compared to other curtains that are prone to breed allergens and bacteria, you only need to wipe them with electrostatic dust removal paper , you can remove the dust attached to it, or spray alcohol with a cloth, and a simple wipe will also have a good effect.
Good ventilation: Wooden shutters have a certain weight, and after adjusting the angle of the shutters, they are easy to fix, and you can easily ventilate the outside; if installed on the window facing the outside of the bathroom, it can also have the effect of preventing mold and moisture.

zebra dual shades

Easy to match: Wooden texture has always been a versatile element in design, no matter what style of decoration, furniture, wooden blinds can be well integrated!
Safety is guaranteed: If the zebra dual shades with looping pull belts can avoid the pull ropes that are common in curtains, you don’t have to worry about children at home accidentally hooking or wrapping around their necks when they are running and playing, which can avoid injuries, including furry children. same!!
Service life: Curtains made of solid wood have a high quality guarantee for sunlight exposure, and the service life can be as long as decades or more~

The Cleaning Method Is Also Very Simple, That Is, First Use A Vacuum Cleaner With Brush Accessories To Remove As Much Dust And Dust As Possible On The Honeycomb Curtain With The Minimum Suction Force, And Then Use A Sponge Dipped In A Diluted Neutral Detergent To Start Cleaning The Honeycomb Curtain. Stains, Please Take Out The Towel And Dry Immediately After Removal.

Disadvantages of wooden blinds:

Light leakage in the bedroom: If it is in the sleeping space, it is necessary to consider whether the light leakage of the wooden venetian blinds will affect sleep, because the window leaves cannot be completely sealed, and light leakage will inevitably occur.
Heavy weight: It is especially obvious on large windows. If you just need to turn the window leaves, this is not a big problem, but if you need to raise and lower the curtains frequently, the weight of wooden blinds will be a burden.

zebra dual shades

It is not suitable for floor-to-ceiling windows that are frequently accessed: Wooden venetian blinds are not suitable for installation on floor-to-ceiling windows that require access, such as balcony windows, because people need to raise the entire curtain if they want to enter and exit, which is more labor-intensive.

Choice 04. Roller blinds or panther blinds: Electrostatic precipitators to remove surface dust

Roller blinds are mostly made of polyester fiber, which is waterproof and light-shielding, and is not easy to get dust and has few dust mites. It is especially suitable for people with allergies. In recent years, the zebra blind design that can be dimmed has been extended, so it is also called “dimmable curtain”, and it has become the favorite style of interior designers nowadays. 

Since it does not need to be disassembled and cleaned, the cleaning method is also very simple. You can directly use the electrostatic precipitator to remove the dust on the surface of the roller blind or zebra blind in a “zigzag” shape from top to bottom. Use soapy water on particularly dirty areas, wipe with a slightly damp cloth, and let air dry.

Choice 05. Roman blinds: If there are many disassembly steps, it is better to send them to dry cleaning

Roman blinds mostly use stiffer fabrics to show a folded appearance and add a sense of layering to the curtains. However, among all the curtains, Roman blinds are also the most difficult to clean. Usually, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust. It is better to disassemble and clean it once a year. To disassemble, first tear off the Velcro felt fixed on the curtain track at the top, and untie the string tied to the plastic ring. 

At this time, it is best to mark the knotted place with a red pen, and tie it after washing. It is more convenient to go back. Then, after removing the bottom steel bar and the thin iron bar, you can take off the Roman shade and send it for dry cleaning. Then follow the disassembly steps to reverse and install.

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