Fully understand the types and materials of zebra curtains

zebra curtains’ light and dark contrast of stripes is very eye-catching, and the light adjustment has very rich changes. Anyone who sees zebra blinds for the first time is very impressed.

1.Four reasons why zebra blinds are so popular

1.Particularly eye-catching visual experience.
2.Excellent light adjustment ability.
3.In line with the interior design trend of light decoration and heavy decoration: even simple decoration and zebra roller blinds will have a great design effect.
4.Very easy to clean and maintain

zebra curtains

2.What are the spaces that are not suitable for zebra blinds?

Bathrooms and toilets that are prone to moisture: Zebra curtains are very prone to mold. The mesh structure on the zebra blinds is easy to get stuck in dust, which is basically a breeding ground for mold. The following live photos are a little bit ugly, please be patient.

Country-style space: the style of zebra blinds is too clear, very modern and simple, completely mutually exclusive and incompatible with the warm flowers, plants, insects and birds of the country style

A fully dark bedroom that needs complete shading: Although there are shading materials to choose from, because it is a two-layer structure, even in the closed state, there will still be light seeping in, forming many horizontal thin stripes of light. People who are used to needing ultra-high shading are still very troubled.

3. How to measure the custom size of zebra blinds

The measurement of the size of the custom-made zebra blinds is exactly the same as other hard curtains, including blinds, roller blinds, and organ blinds. . What we want to remind first is that the measurement of curtains seems easy, but in fact there are many details. 

The measurement method of each case is different according to the aesthetic design and the feasibility of construction. Here is a simple scenario, simply taking the ability to cover windows as the most basic design requirement, so that everyone can have a conceptual understanding.

zebra curtains

For exterior decoration, it is recommended to add 8cm to the width of the left and right sides, because there will be bead chains on the side of the zebra blind system and a little space to adjust the skew, so in fact, the width of the fabric body is only about 5-6cm longer than that of the window side; It is recommended to install the trailer 5cm above the height direction, and 8cm below, so the entire height can be increased by 13cm.

For interior decoration, the custom-made width of the zebra blind can be -1cm from the window width, and the height can reach the bottom of the window or extend downward, up to 8cm.

zebra curtains

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