The method of making the hand-supported zebra curtain

Zebra curtain aka soft gauze curtain, rainbow curtain, soft Lisden. It is a kind of zebra curtain fabric by a small piece of fabric and gauze of equal width, which is fixed at one end and rolled with the axis to adjust the light.

Background technology:

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The existing spring shutter generally includes a bracket on both sides and a scroll, and a spring rod is arranged in the scroll, the spring rod is connected with a limit spring, and the end of the limit spring is installed with a spring tail plug. 

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zebra curtain fabric

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Composition: 100% Polyester

Width: 2.85M
Weight:278 g/m² ±5 %
Roll Length: 50m ± 5m or Customized

Fabric Name & Code: UNZ20

Composition: 100% Polyester

Width: 2.85M
Weight:129 g/m² ±5 %
Thickness: 0.5mm

zebra curtain fabric

Background technology:

The resilience of the limiting spring is the need to rotate the force in advance according to the size and weight of the curtain, and the spring rod of this structure has a limited number of rebound rings, and the resilience is not balanced, and you want more rebound rings and a more balanced resilience you need a longer spring rod, which cannot be put into the curtain with a small width, so this structure is only suitable for a single curtain, double curtain requires twice the cloth. You can’t put it away completely.

zebra curtain fabric

Technical implementation elements:

(1) Technical problems to be solved

The utility model aims to overcome the above disadvantages, and aims to provide a hand-supported zebra curtain.

(2) Technical proposals

To achieve the above purpose, the hand-supported zebra curtain fabric comprises a left support bracket, a right support corresponding to the left support bracket, and a hanger connecting the left support bracket and the right support bracket, wherein the left support bracket and the right support bracket are provided with a scroll, the scroll is provided with a rolling curtain, the right support bracket is provided with a winding device for winding the scroll, and the winding device package

Method of making zebra curtain fabric of structure:

The utility model relates to a zebra curtain structure, which mainly comprises a driving shaft, two shaft sleeves and two sides of the cover, a lower pendulum and a certain position piece; The driving shaft is connected to the side cover with the shaft sleeve, in a rolling shape, and the side cover is connected to the lower hem with screws. The zebra curtain surface is passed around the driving shaft, and when the curtain surface is closed and lowered through the curtain roller, the driving shaft is shifted up and down, so that the lower hem moves up and down with it, and the curtain surface is kept flat by the gravity of the lower hem; 

A slot is formed at the bottom of the hem. When the outer part of the hem wants to cover the curtain surface, the positioning piece can be inserted in the positioning slot to locate the outer curtain surface of the hem to improve the beauty of the curtain.

Technical field:

The utility model relates to a zebra curtain, in particular to a zebra curtain structure which can save labor to operate and improve the overall beauty of the zebra curtain.

Background technique of zebra curtain fabric:

The structural design of the traditional zebra curtain is usually a combination of a swing, a scroll and a side cover. Because the scroll structure is usually a smooth iron bar, when the zebra curtain surface is driven by the smooth bottom of the iron bar, the contact friction between the smooth surface and the curtain surface is small, the driving effect of the curtain surface is not good. And often cause the lower hem swing amplitude is too large, affecting the control effect and the flatness of the curtain surface.

zebra curtain fabric

Zebra curtain, also known as soft gauze curtain, rainbow curtain, soft silk, dimming roller curtain, double roller curtain. A fabric consisting of small pieces of fabric and gauze of equal width woven at intervals, fixed at one end and rolled with a shaft to regulate light. When the gauze and gauze overlap, the light is softer, and the direct light is reduced to a certain extent. When the curtain and curtain cloth coincide, the light is completely covered, so as to finally achieve the purpose of blocking the light.

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