Zebra curtain benefits, zebra curtain which quality is good, cleaning, structure

Zebra curtains are also called soft gauze curtains, rainbow curtains, etc., usually refer to the types of curtains made of fabrics and gauze of equal width, which have the advantages of simple operation and good shading. This encyclopedia explains four aspects from the benefits of zebra blinds for home, which zebra curtains are of good quality, zebra curtains cleaning, and zebra curtains structure.

The benefits of zebra curtains:

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(1) Zebra curtains are usually made of double-layer fabric, which can not only regulate the light, but also occupy the overall space. Zebra curtains can even be misaligned to adjust local light;

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Zebra blinds for home

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Zebra blinds for home

Zebra blinds for home which quality is good:

Now there are many brands selling zebra curtains on the market, so which zebra curtain is better in quality? Here are a few good zebra curtain manufacturers:

(1) Jin Furong: Jin Furong Curtain company inherited from Hong Kong Yideng Youmeng Group, the products mainly take the high-end route, the quality of its zebra curtain is also very excellent;

(2) Mollick: Mollick is one of the famous cloth curtain brands in China, which has a history of 35 years, with thousands of top designers, to create Mollick’s zebra curtain design characteristics.

Zebra blinds for home

Zebra blinds for home cleaning:

Although the zebra curtain is not easy to accumulate ash after treatment, it is also necessary to pay attention to the frequency of zebra curtain cleaning. In zebra curtain cleaning, the commonly used methods are:

(1) Ultrasonic cleaning, which can make the zebra curtain bright as new, is more expensive;

(2) The way of vacuum vacuuming to dust;

(3) Wipe the surface of the zebra curtain, you can use some wet soft cloth, sponge, etc., to wipe the zebra curtain. When wiping, be careful not to use too much force to prevent wrinkling the zebra curtain;

(4) For deeper cleaning, pay attention to the use of a vacuum cleaner with a brush head to vacuum.

(5) If you want to use a hair dryer to clean the zebra curtain, be careful not to adjust to the heating mode.

(6) If you want to use a steam iron, you need to operate at a distance of 10cm from the zebra curtain;

(7) If the zebra curtain surface appears yellow, the zebra curtain can be soaked in tea for a period of time, and then after the tea becomes light brown, then wipe the zebra curtain with detergent.

Zebra curtain structure:

There are three types of zebra blinds for home, each of which is different in construction:

(1) Manual rope pulling: The zebra curtain of manual rope pulling is constructed with a single loop shaft rope pulling control system. This system can effectively protect the zebra curtain from being accidentally scratched;

(2) Semi-automatic spring type: semi-automatic spring type zebra curtain is a combination of tradition and technology, both traditional bead operation, but also rely on the spring to achieve the lifting of zebra curtain;

(3) Electric coil type: The structure of this zebra curtain is completely automatic form, it is strange that the tubular motor operation, some products can also be combined with remote control.

Zebra blinds for home

Curtains are a very common home improvement item in our daily life, whether in private homes or companies, curtains are widely used. Especially the zebra curtain. Zebra curtains are favored by everyone for their aesthetics and effective partition. However, many inexperienced people often do not understand the zebra curtain, in order to facilitate everyone to choose to buy, this article will introduce the classification of zebra curtain and zebra curtain is good, so as to provide you with a reference when you need to do.

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