Bring sunshine into your home with yellow curtains!

Yellow represents energy, joy and positive. Also, this color is mostly used to indicate emphasis and purpose. However, be careful when using yellow. Too much yellow can send you into overdrive. So opt for yellow tones instead of completely yellow walls. Such as yellow curtains! In this blog we help you choose the right yellow drapes for you!

Yellow curtains for Every Living Space

In principle, yellow drapes are suitable for any living space. You have to consider two things: the sheerness of the fabric and the shade of yellow. These attributes vary by room. How exactly? We’ll explain further below!

yellow curtains

Yellow curtains in the living room

What a great idea to have a little yellow in your living room! After all, the living room is where you spend most of your time. When your drapes are yellow, you’re facing a cheerful color all day long. This has a positive effect on your mood! You can choose to choose yellow roller blinds. This way you can enjoy the daylight during the day, but you still have a level of privacy.

yellow curtains

Yellow curtains in the bedroom

  • Bedrooms are for relaxation. Therefore, bright yellow should be avoided in the bedroom. This can overstimulate you. Infants and children especially respond to this. Therefore, avoid bright yellows in the nursery. Yellow, on the other hand, does provide a positive start to the day. Ocher drapes are a great compromise. Always opt for blackout curtains in bedrooms. In a dark bedroom, your body produces more of the sleep hormone melatonin.

Yellow curtains for every lifestyle

  • Yellow comes in many shades: from light yellow drapes to golden yellow curtains. There is always a color to suit your lifestyle. Do you have a lot of pastel shades in your home? Then opt for pastel yellow drapes. Bright yellow drapes are very eye-catching in a modern interior. Mustard yellow drapes are perfect for vintage interiors. Do you have a classic or hotel chic interior? Then ochre- yellow drapes are a perfect match! This shade exudes a lot of warmth and luxury. For a more chic look, choose ocher yellow velvet curtains.

Cheap custom yellow curtains

Are you looking for cheap custom yellow drapes? Then you are in the right place! We ship directly from the factory. This allows us to offer curtains that are 40% cheaper than in stores! And ordering is easy. Go to your fabric of choice and fill in the desired measurements. After filling in the dimensions, choose the fabric color. Then you determine which type of pleats you want and how the curtains should be divided. Then you go to pay and your drapes are put into production. When the time comes, we will deliver to your home the yellow drapes that have been prepared for you.

yellow curtains

Do you still have questions about yellow curtains? Feel free to call or email! Our professional and enthusiastic staff will be happy to assist you.

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