Master of Light Adjustment——Wooden Venetian Curtains

There are many materials for venetian curtains. If you only know aluminum and iron, it will be inferior. Now many people use “wooden venetian blinds”! In addition to the advantages of ordinary blinds, wooden venetian blinds are also very popular because they can effectively control the light, soften the indoor light without overexposure, and have a considerable texture.

1.What are Wooden Venetian Blinds?

Wooden venetian blinds are a kind of venetian blinds. The material is wood or imitation wood. The basic blade widths are 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm. It has the functions of privacy, light adjustment, heat insulation, and waterproof.

Wooden Venetian Curtains

The advantages of wooden venetian blinds are as follows:

1. Privacy
Although the purpose of many curtain installations is to increase privacy, wooden venetian blinds are also more private because they are wider and tighter than ordinary venetian blinds.


2. Both shading and lighting
The shading effect of wooden venetian blinds is very good. When the leaves are closed, the light can hardly penetrate into the room; when the leaves are open, the indoor light can enter without overexposure. The overall shading rate can reach up to 85%, but light leakage from the gap is inevitable Oh.


3. Insulation and ventilation
The biggest feature of the blinds is ventilation and ventilation, which reduces the indoor temperature by blocking light, and wooden blinds also have this effect.


4. Easy to clean
Anyone who has used ordinary venetian blinds or traditional cloth curtains at home must know that the blades of venetian blinds are easy to get dirty, and it will be damaged if you do not pay attention when cleaning; while cloth curtains are not easy to clean and are prone to dust mites. 


5. Strong durability
Everyone knows that the disadvantage of aluminum blinds is that the blades are easy to break, but if the material is changed to wood, no matter how careless you are, it is impossible to “break” it. And because the wood material is relatively strong, it is not a problem to use it for 5-10 years, so there is no need to worry about frequent replacement!

Wooden Venetian Curtains

Disadvantages of wooden venetian blinds:

1. Higher price
After all, wooden venetian blinds are made of wood, so the price will be slightly higher than that of ordinary aluminum venetian blinds. If it is not compared with other materials of venetian blinds, there are many types of wood alone. From cheap imitation wood to high-grade wood, the price difference may reach tens of thousands of yuan, which may not be enough for ordinary households. small overhead. But as mentioned earlier, wooden venetian blinds are highly durable, and once installed, they can be used for more than ten years, which is relatively a way to balance expenses.

Wooden Venetian Curtains

Usually our impression of curtains is lightness, lightness, and lightness. Wooden venetian curtains are heavy, and the movement will be slower when opening and closing. If you install wooden venetian blinds on the balcony, it will be more inconvenient to enter and exit. is the first choice.

Wooden Venetian Curtains

2.Are wooden venetian blinds waterproof? Is it easy to mold?

We all know that the characteristic of wood is that it is easy to mold in a humid environment for a long time, so is the same reason for wooden venetian blinds? In fact, wooden venetian blinds are mildew-proof, and as long as they are properly maintained, there will be no mold.

Wooden Venetian Curtains

3.How to clean and maintain wooden venetian blinds?

Basically, wooden venetian blinds do not require much care, as long as they are cleaned and maintained regularly, they are easy to maintain. First of all, as far as the clean surface is concerned, it does not need to be removed, hand-washed, and dried like cloth curtains. Wooden blinds only need to be wiped with a rag or a chicken feather. 

Wooden Venetian Curtains

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