The most beautiful wooden shutters

Wooden shutters are the ideal solution to give your home total protection. In this mini guide developed by industry experts you can learn about every aspect related to their installation.

The advantages of installing wooden shutters

To protect the windows of your home from break-in attempts, from atmospheric agents, from sun to wind, wooden shutters are certainly the best choice.

Installing wooden shutters in your home offers, as a first and immediate advantage, effective roller shutters to elegantly screen the windows of your home with class and practicality, protecting them from terrible weather, such as rain and hail.

wooden shutters.

The effects are clearly visible, with a pleasant aesthetic result and completely reliable results, especially if you need to install a type of resistant and non-deformable roof, peculiar qualities of the material with which the wooden shutters are made.

Significant connotative elements is the preservation of internal environments from thermal changes, perfectly filtering the sun’s rays, offering significant energy savings. In this way, the temperature inside the house remains constant, with excellent economic effects because there will be neither heat loss in winter, nor cooling when air conditioners are used, in hot seasons.

Such blackout systems have enormous capabilities to withstand the elements and intrusion from strangers and, in addition to being pleasing in design, offer excellent value for money.

The market offers various models and types of insulated wooden shutters, with costs referring to the square meter that are not excessively high and with different characteristics regarding the processing techniques.

Characteristics of the most beautiful roller shutters in wooden

  • The commercial proposals of wooden shutters are generally two: in insulated wooden and in extruded wooden.

wooden shutters

Shutters in insulated wooden

  • From the point of view of thermal insulation, wooden shutters are particularly effective. In fact, inside them and in the individual slats, polyurethane foam is used, a material that guarantees high insulation. With its high reliability and high protection, this type of roller shutter is the most requested by customers and recommended by installation professionals.

Armored shutter in extruded wooden

  • wooden shutters are very thick, suitable for those who want to have high defense elements. The structure is difficult to tamper with, making them excellent burglary deterrents.

    Aesthetically, all types of wooden roller shutters offer a pleasant view, integrating perfectly into the interior exterior of the houses.

  • High care is guaranteed by companies in the choice of wooden shutters’ materials, resulting also in practical use. Fully functional, they open and close easily, without opening the external windows, like the classic shutters. This feature allows to keep the internal temperature stable, avoiding thermal changes and loss of heat, or coolness, with good energy savings. The box for wrapping them can generally be integrated into the window structure, to hide it from view, thus improving the aesthetic appearance.

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