6 advantages of windproof curtains you don't know!

Closed window as a modern balcony. New products for outdoor space expansion and indoor and outdoor shading.The windproof window shade protector is not only easy to stretch.It does not take up too much space, and it is very practical and functional

01 Modern fashion design

Choose UNITEC’s room darkening window treatments fabrics!

The windproof window shade protector is simple in shape, elegant in line, strong in integrity, small in space occupied by installation, you can choose formal or side installation, when installed on the balcony, it looks compact and elegant, without blocking the view.

UNITEC's Room darkening window treatments Fabrics Collection
window shade protector

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Composition: 100% Polyester with Acrylic coated(100% Free of PVC, Formaldehyde and Halogen to help reduce toxins in your environment)

Width: 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 2.8m, 3.0m
Weight: 330g/m² ± 5%
Thickness: 0.38 mm ± 5%

Fabric Name & Code: T-PVC URB03

Composition: 1 ply fiberglass, 3 ply PVC (25% Fiberglass, 75% PVC)

Width: 183cm, 200cm, 244cm, 250cm, 300cm, 89mm, 127mm
Weight: 460g/m2 ±10%
Thickness: 0.39mm±5%

window shade protector

02 Temperature adjustment function of window shade protector

Rolling curtains can effectively reduce solar heat and UV damage by up to 90%! The summer is equipped with windproof curtains, although the outside is hot, it can keep the indoor shade breathable, not stuffy, effectively adjust the indoor temperature, solve the shortcomings of the traditional glass sun room is not stuffy and breathable, and the cost is lower.

window shade protector

03 Intelligent Control of window shade protector

In the era of smart home life, windproof curtains are also intelligent, using wireless remote control to control opening and closing, with high-performance silent motor, support remote control with stop, free control of opening and closing area; It can also be equipped with wind/rain sensor, in the event of heavy rain and strong winds, the curtain automatically opens to protect the indoor space from wind and rain;

04 Privacy Protection

As a product for home and outdoor use, privacy protection is also an important point. The windproof curtain can choose the opening rate independently, breathable and transparent, anti-mosquito and anti-peeping, does not affect your internal appearance, and effectively protects your privacy from invasion.

05 Wide range of applications

Have you encountered any of the following problems:


· Residential property does not allow balcony closure


· The sun room is stuffy and breathable


· The gazebo at home becomes a decoration in a strong wind and rain


· Outdoor restaurant construction cost is expensive, sunshade chicken rib


· Don’t want to waste the view and don’t want to wash the curtains too often


· Think the window is ugly



The above problems, windproof curtains can be solved one by one!

window shade protector

Windproof curtains have a wide range of application, not only for conventional indoor shading, but also for sealing balconies, and are not illegal and will not be blocked by property.

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