Curtain Secret! It is the key to keeping your home warm

In winter, the cold current is chilly, and the air-conditioning clusters take turns. I wear a heavy coat every day when I go out. After returning home from get off work, why do I feel window dressings at home?

The first trick "material" of window dressings helps you wear a thick coat at home

Traditionally, when buying curtains, there is always a misunderstanding, thinking that sheer curtains are simple and look good, and as long as you choose a thick one-piece, you can completely achieve the indoor temperature effect. Longmei Curtains said that no matter what material it is, it can effectively block cold air, but the effect is different, and the temperature will be adjusted depending on the fabric and material.

It is recommended that you wear two curtains in winter, one screen and one window or Roman curtains and fabric curtains, to beautify the space while ensuring the actual function. In terms of material selection, the key curtains are best to choose flannelette, satin, fireproof cloth, blackout cloth, etc. that feel thick.

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The second trick is "depth" of window dressings and the golden ratio folds deep to make the home warmer

Choose the thickness of the material well, and don’t forget the importance of depth. It seems that this word is rarely heard, but it is the soul that improves the temperature control effect. The fold depth refers to the top of the curtain, where the seam is folded. Commercially available ready-made curtains, the top is smooth without folds, like a piece of cloth hanging on the window, the better quality may have 1.8-2 times the fold depth, Longmei curtains have been tested repeatedly

and the pleat depth is 2.3-2.5 times the golden ratio, which is simply 100 Public fabric, use 230-250 cm sewing, more practical fabric, increase the distance between the window and the curtain fabric, forming a natural and perfect drape of the hem, with good heat insulation effect in summer, and effectively block cold air in winter, so that heating is not easy drain. Based on the principle of a vacuum flask, the folding depth is like a central vacuum interlayer, keeping hot water always available.

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The third trick "length" curtains and the ground zero distance

When changing seasons to decorate the home, the curtains are directly purchased from ready-made products, and often encounter problems such as too short length or insufficient width. It is equivalent to zero installation, which cannot block cold air and has no heat insulation effect. Cold air runs in through the openings on the bottom or sides, resulting in poor sleep quality in the bedroom, and the heating is always on in the living room, which greatly reduces the space. 

To make the room warmer, this is not enough. Longmei curtain experience sharing, generally the best width of the curtain is to add 10 cm to the left and right, and add 15-20 cm to the length, even if the distance from the ground is only 2-3 cm, it does not matter. , the warmth can last for a long time.

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