In this article, UNITEC, a company specializing in the production of window decorations, will share how to choose window decorations. There are as many reasons to choose window decorations as practicality and functionality. This guide will help you choose the window decorations that best suit your needs.


Window decorations are mainly used to give an enveloping effect and a chic look to a room. Different fabrics are available depending on your needs and style. You can use opaque window decorations for a bedroom or use translucent window decorations to dress the walls of a living room while maintaining privacy.

If you want a brighter effect, the veil is appropriate, it will let in as much light as possible. Velvet window decorations are very trendy, they bring a dramatic side to the decor and offer complete opacity.

For several years now, my team of experienced designers has been helping people create the best window decorations for them, trust us, there are no technical challenges to deal with because we are professional.

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Roller shades are really practical and offer a cleaner look. Jessica suggests choosing them without a valance or with a metal valence.

There are 4 types of fabrics commonly used:

1- Opaque shades: They are mainly used in bedrooms where it is necessary to block as much light as possible. Often curtain panels are added to better dress the window.

2- Translucent canvas: There are several choices of very beautiful textured fabrics that allow light to pass through. They are best choice for the living room.

3- Solar canvas: It is a vinyl canvas which is braided in such a way as to let the light through according to a certain percentage. Depending on the model chosen, the solar fabric will allow 1% to 10% of the light to pass through. It is an ideal product for an office or a dining room where the sun is very strong, but you want to keep a nice light while cutting a little heat.

4- Alternating canvas: We see this type of canvas more and more in modern homes. It is a canvas that contains opaque horizontal bands and translucent bands. When turning the blind, the opaque bands overlap and the light cannot pass. While alternating translucent and opaque bands allow light to enter and see out.

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The cell blind is often called a bee blind since its construction is shaped like a honeycomb cell. This is the type of blind that offers the best insulation qualities and an energy-efficient alternative for your windows. It handles without any cord. With its push button mechanism, you can directly raise or lower the blind to the desired height.

To conclude, we invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do you need privacy in this room?

2. Do you often open the window decorations in this room?

3.Do you want a clean or more dressy look?

With all this information, you now know the choices available to you when choosing the right window treatment! Don’t hesitate, you can contact our team for further information.

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