The best window decoration for home office

Today, we can no longer ignore the growing popularity of working from home. More and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home. This is not only good for avoiding commuting traffic jams, but also for a better work-life balance.

To ensure maximum work efficiency, it is recommended that you choose a quiet place in your home as your home office. Also be sure to consider the effects of light, as there’s nothing more annoying than bright sunlight that constantly stings your eyes or makes your laptop’s screen unreadable. Luckily, window decoration for home office can come in handy here! At UNITEC you can choose from three different options to turn your home office into a comfortable workplace. Thanks to our window decorations, you can adjust the light perfectly to your personal preferences.

window decorations for home office

Roller blinds: sleek & customizable

Can you describe your drapes in the words “stylish” and “modern”? Roller blinds perfectly combine these two features. If you want to fully enjoy the natural sunlight, it is best to choose translucent roller blinds. This window decoration for home office lets in natural light while filtering out harsh sunlight. With this roller blind, you can also work in absolute privacy, safety, as the fabric blocks the view from the outside.

You can also opt for roller blinds made of wire mesh fabric. In this case, you can decide for yourself how much transparency is needed and where. For example, you can choose 1% transparency on the south side and 10% transparency on the east or west side. In this way, you can fully appreciate the beautiful view outside.

window decorations for home office

Wooden shutters: practical and economical

If you prefer a rustic interior, we recommend opting for wooden shutters. This window decoration allows you to adjust the incidence of light to the millimeter at any time of the day. This way you can always enjoy the sun while your screen is protected from the sun. This can be achieved by opening the shutters so that the light bounces off the ceiling instead of the screen.

UNITEC’s window decorations for home office are also equipped with a special system in which the cords in the perforated wooden slats are placed in such a way that they block light when closed.

window decorations for home office

Blackout blinds: not only perfect for your privacy, but also a comfortable light balance for the room

  • Do you want to enjoy the perfect day without letting the sunshine on your screen? Then our blackout blinds are just what you are looking for. Not only are blackout blinds compatible with a wide variety of window types and shapes, but they are also moisture and heat resistant. This innovative window decoration reflects and partially absorbs daylight, keeping disturbing light from penetrating.

Our window decorations for home office are not only functional but also add the perfect personal touch to your interiors. So, you can work from home in comfort and style. Would you like to know more about our window treatments? Click here for more information!

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