Window curtain rails

window curtain rails

A striking frame, an elegant knob or a window curtain rails that looks according to the decoration and style of the home. The truth is that all the attributes that make up the visible part of a window not only fulfill a function of use, but also play an aesthetic role.

Among all these actors, there is one that remains more hidden, but whose inclusion makes each of the aforementioned elements (especially the curtains) shine with greater success. We are talking about the window curtain rails.

What are window curtain rails and why are they so influential?

The window curtain rails are guides, usually metal, on which the curtains are hung and are made up of sliding pieces so that they can slide more fluidly once the user pulls the cord or manually folds / unfolds them.

That is the main purpose of this part of the window. In addition to serving as a support for the curtain, curtain rails are the ones that allow it to slide without the user having to make any effort.

Anything else?

How could it be otherwise, this attribute has also evolved and is now much more than a conventional support with sliders that helps more or less light to enter quickly and easily.

In addition, today window curtain rails are presented in different formats (metal or wood), which allows it to adapt in a more personal way to each room. Plus, you can install them on the ceiling or frame and even extend them beyond the length of the window.

In fact, we can say that they have their own essence and that by themselves they can fulfill decoration functions.

In short, its use today guarantees greater customization and its installation is so simple that any customer can install window curtain rails at home without requesting the help of anyone.

Increased customization: Perfect wave window curtain rails

But there is much more. In addition to finding dual formats, now the customer can implement perfect wave window curtain rails on their windows. These are more appropriate for when you want the curtain to show a more refined aesthetic thanks to its softer and more synchronized shapes. These are ideal for rooms with high ceilings.

With so many peculiarities of window curtain rails, it is not strange to get a model with the exact measurements that the client demands and to move away from standard measurements that do not always match the general aesthetics of the window.

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