Window coverings for sliding door

Are you looking for sliding door curtains? Are you still not sure which curtains are right for your sliding doors? We are happy to help you, read this blog and you will have a clearer understanding of window coverings for sliding doors.

There is always a solution for your interior. With so many different options, making a choice can be difficult. We have listed curtains and various options for you. Check out the popular sliding door curtains below and get inspired.

window coverings for sliding doors

Roman blinds for sliding doors

Roman blinds have a warm and elegant look and are suitable for sliding doors. Roman shades are available in the following fabrics: sheer, translucent and blackout. Roman shutters contain ribs. A rib is a plastic rod that divides the fabric into pleats (sections) while keeping it taut. This prevents any creases and you can enjoy a tightly hanging product.

window coverings for sliding doors

Shutters for sliding doors

Shutters are beautiful products that are also popular for sliding doors. And we’re not surprised, as both aluminum and wood shutters are suitable for any living space (including bathrooms). Shutters give you total control over light and privacy. You can tilt the slats as well as operate them up and down. We recommend that you consider the packing height of your blinds. See product page for more information on package height dimensions. For example, if you wanted a 50mm wooden shutter and 200cm high trapezoidal tape, the package height would be 27.5cm.

window coverings for sliding doors

Roller shutter for sliding doors

  • For a timeless and stylish product, double roller blinds and roller shutters are highly recommended for your sliding doors.

    Both window treatments are very easy to operate on and off due to their low weight. With double roller blinds and roller blinds, you can determine the desired light intake and privacy in your living space. These products are available in translucent and blackout fabrics. You also have the option to order the roller blind with or without a cassette.

    The box protects the operating mechanism from dust or any other damage and provides a luxurious finish. If you don’t want to use tape, just select it on the product page. With roller blinds without cassettes, more daylight can be absorbed. This in turn creates a refreshing look. Either way, both options create a stylish vibe.

Helpful tips!

  • When measuring and installing curtains on sliding doors, possible obstructions such as: handles, pull rods, radiators, etc. must be taken into account. Your curtains must be able to hang freely without being obstructed. Therefore, we recommend that you measure (on the day) the curtains for your sliding doors.


    If you know what window coverings for your sliding door, but don’t know which color to choose. You can request a free sample from us to experience the quality of our fabrics for yourself. You can also contact one of our professional buyers at any time. We would like to help you.

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