Although you already have suppliers of roller blinds fabrics, screen fabrics and zebra fabrics, But, do you know their history? Are they professional Window Blind Manufacturers and Designing fabric roller blinds?How many years of experience do they have? You must have a professional and reliable Window Blind Manufacturers to be your long-standing supplier. So this is one that you really need to think about.

Here are suggestions and advice about how to choose your supplier of window blinds fabrics.
Supply Chain, Production process control, Quality Control, Designing fabric roller blinds and so on. You may visit our website to learn more about UNITEC, And we always welcome you to visit our factory at any time.


UNITEC Service – Always and Everywhere.

Manufacturing fabric for roller blinds, Designing fabric for roller blinds, Manufacturing fabric for zebra blinds, Screen fabrics, Window Blind Manufacturers in China


  • Professional and technological availability.


Window Blind Manufacturers


  • Designing fabric for roller blinds, fabric for zebra blinds, Screen fabrics


Designing fabric roller blinds

  • A step ahead, Always. 


Window Blind Manufacturers

With a experience of more than 16 years in the Window Blinds Fabrics industry.

  • A family enterprise is committed to being the leading manufacturer of wall cloth, sofa fabric since 1984 and internal window blinds fabrics since 2002.
  • Manufacturer of roller blinds fabric, screen fabrics and zebra blinds fabrics.

UNITEC has established long-term partnerships with the Textile Material Lab and National Textile University to launches new product every two months. We are providing OEM/ODM service for all products…

UNITEC Textile Decoration Co.,Ltd is a Manufacturing fabric for roller blinds, Window Blind Manufacturers, Designing fabric roller blinds.

Manufacturing fabric for zebra blinds, fabric for blinds, Manufacturing Screen fabrics, suppliers of roller blinds fabrics in China

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