How to choose and match blackout curtains? 1 minute to understand

Summer is coming, the day time is getting longer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, a group of good blackout curtain is not only beautiful, but also can isolate light heat insulation, energy saving for home, but how to pick to pick the suitable window blackout screens? Let 100 small make up to show you!

01 window blackout screens selection focus

The area is the key to decide, the most important thing is to choose the shading curtain before the use of the area, for the space to choose suitable shading curtain. If it is used in the living room, dining room, study and other places, it is recommended to choose semi-shading or shading curtains, keep enough light, indoor will appear bright and comfortable, if it is a bedroom or serious west sun room, it is suitable to choose shading effect better shading curtains.

window blackout screens

02 window blackout screens material selection, in order to create function

In addition to confirming the use area, the material is also a key to the selection of shading curtains. The material of shading curtain fabric is divided into two kinds. One is coated shading cloth, which is directly coated with a layer of shading fabric on the general cloth, and often coated with more than two or three layers. The other is to weave shading cloth, also known as sandwich shading cloth, is in the middle of two layers of cloth with matte gauze or black gauze, of course, the denser the density of black gauze, the better the shading effect, but the same curtain color is darker, so this kind of fabric is difficult to have a white curtain. And some people will mention anti-flame shading, embossed shading, printing shading and jacquard shading which are woven shading cloth!

window blackout screens

03 shading curtain shading effect, the difference of one order is much worse

In fact, the shading curtain is not only one kind of shading rate, which can be divided into the following four levels, respectively moderate shading, semi-shading, effective shading, complete shading. Moderate shading – the shading rate is about 30%-50%, which can be said to make the light soft, and does not have much shading effect. Semi-shading – shading rate is about 50%-70%, is commonly used at home shading rate, can not only resist the glare of the sun, but also moderately maintain light, suitable for use in the living room, dining room, study and other areas. Effective shading – shading rate is about 70%-90%, is a higher layer of semi-shading, because of the effective shading, so also increase the secrecy and heat insulation effect. Full shading means 100% shading rate, which is suitable for special occasions such as cinemas and concert halls.

window blackout screens

04 function outside, blackout curtain collocation eyebrow eyebrow corner in this

The choice of blackout curtain function is important, but also can not forget the shading curtain in the overall space medium plastic style, aesthetic collocation, the simplest is to choose according to the color, you can choose to use the same color field curtains to match, or according to the field needs to make choices, such as study, living room is suitable for warmer colors, can create a sense of warmth, And the bedroom can choose dark or calm color to help sleep.

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