How to care for Clean Window Blinds and Shades?

Window Blackout blinds and shades protect your home from the entrance of light and cold, so they are ideal for any time of the year, whether in summer or winter. In addition, they are perfect to protect your elements: sunlight can be harmful to furniture, so this type of window blackout blinds and shades is a good investment to take care of your home.

window Blackout blinds

However, and like any good investment, the window Blackout blinds require constant care and maintenance to ensure their durability.

Apart from allowing to completely isolate the light spaces – generating ideal environments to rest – the greatest benefit of these blinds is the energy savings they produce. By protecting from cold outside temperatures, it is possible to use fewer heating systems inside your home, since the blinds keep the heat. This translates into significant savings of money, especially in the winter months, when we must keep the heating devices on for much of the day.

How to care for window Blackout blinds?

Not all blinds are made of the same material, but most of these are made of PVC, a derivative of plastic that allows and facilitates cleaning. In that sense, when asked about how to wash blackout blinds, the following are some of the possibilities:

Dusters and wet cloths

These tools are ideal for window Blackout blinds. In these cases, constancy is essential, so you should worry about cleaning them regularly. With the first, you can dust and, with the second, the spots that may exist.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

This is also a useful tool when dusting window Blackout blinds. It is important that it is hand-held since it has the ideal weight to occupy it easily and without the risk of damaging the blinds. If you opt for traditional vacuum cleaners, it is important that you do it carefully so as not to damage the blinds or other furniture.

Never occupy washing machine

The texture of these window Blackout blinds is essential for them to fulfill their function, but many times mistakes are made such as cleaning blackout blinds in washing machines. These types of blinds – in general – are made with easy to clean materials, but that does not mean that they are resistant to washing machines.

Magic mix

In case the spots do not appear in the first instance, the mixture of vinegar and a little water will be of great help in the task of cleaning the blackout blinds.

Do not occupy strong products

There are very common mistakes that are made when washing this type of window Blackout blinds and shades, such as washing them with chlorine or strong products. Therefore, if all of the above does not work and you are still wondering how to wash blackout blinds, one thing is certain: do not use chemicals or abrasive materials.

window Blackout blinds and shades allow you to block the entry of light into your home and also have the ability to isolate the cold, keeping the interior of your apartment at the desired temperature. This, because it has technology that allows you to isolate those factors that affect people’s comfort. Its insulation capacity also contemplates – in some cases – the external sound.

These types of window Blackout blinds and shades have characteristics that make them an excellent investment for the home, so their care will allow you to maintain pleasant spaces for a pleasant stay. Now that you know how to clean blackout blinds, you can rest assured that you will know how to keep them free of dirt without damaging them. UNITEC is a leading China manufacturer of fabrics for window blinds and shades in China since 2002.



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