Extra Wide roller blind

You have a beautiful house with big windows. It’s nice to have plenty of daylight indoors and be able to see outside, but of course you don’t have to wait all day for a view, and sometimes you don’t want the light in. From now on this is not a problem because you can have extra wide roller blinds made by us.

wide roller blind

Example of a wide roller blind

We now also produce bespoke roller blinds in widths (and heights) up to 4 meters. Big roller blinds can be made of any fabric: blackout, translucent or transparent, and are available in a variety of colors. Thus, it is possible to find the right roller blind for every room. XL roller blinds have larger tubes, so wide roller blinds are less likely to sag. Huge roller blinds also come standard with metal chains, as plastic chains are not strong enough to operate roller blinds.

wide roller blind

Options for wide roller blind accessories

You can also choose from different options and designs for accessories for huge roller blinds. A box roller blind is an aluminum container that surrounds a roller blind, giving it a luxurious look. You can also choose side rails: wire or U-profile. The steel wire ensures that the roller blind is always taut, which is useful when installing it on a door, for example. The U-profile is a U-shaped aluminum profile through which the roller blind passes and provides additional blackout.

wide roller blind

Does a wide roller blind consist of one fabric?

  • Unfortunately, the roller blinds that are very wide and high cannot consist of one fabric and are then provided with a welded seam. From a width of 1990 mm and a height of 1800 mm, it is possible that a weld seam is required. The weld seam is always placed as high as possible so that it is as unobtrusive as possible, so approximately around a height of 1.80 meters.
wide roller blind

Are wide roller blinds covered by the warranty?

  • Unfortunately, not all wide or high roller blinds are covered by the full warranty. For example, with certain dimensions there is a chance of cupping, which means that the fabric can become ‘convex’. No guarantee is given for this with certain sizes. It is also possible, despite the larger tube, that the wide roller blind will sag slightly at some point, so there is no guarantee for this. Problems that may arise due to the dimensions of the roller blind are also not covered by the normal warranty. 

  • In addition, the normal warranty stated in our warranty conditions applies.

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