Is polyester good for curtains?

Polyester is good for making white fabric roller blinds. The specific reasons are as follows: 1. It has strong elasticity. The elasticity of polyester is similar to that of wool. Strong resistance, the dry strength and wet strength of polyester fabrics are in the same state, so the fabric has relatively high impact resistance and good hygroscopicity; 3. Durable, polyester fabrics have good light resistance and heat resistance , fit in the nature of the curtain.

What are the purchasing skills of home curtains

1. Choose according to the orientation

When purchasing curtains, in order to achieve a satisfactory decorative effect, you can choose the appropriate curtains according to the orientation of the space. For example, windows facing south generally have sufficient light, so you can choose white fabric roller blinds made of tulle or silk fabrics to match. Windows facing north usually create a darker sense of space because there is less light. In this case, it is recommended to choose warm-toned and thick curtain materials to match, which can effectively increase the warmth in the space. For windows facing west or east, it is recommended to choose curtains with thick materials, which can effectively block the strong light.

white fabric roller blinds

2. Consider the characteristics of the space

When purchasing home decoration curtains, you should also make reasonable collocations according to the characteristics of different spaces, such as kitchen and bathroom areas, you should choose curtains that are easier to clean and more functional. In the bedroom, living room and dining room area, you can choose curtains with thicker fabrics, which can effectively block the light and noise from the outside. For the study space, you can choose curtains with lighter colors and better light transmission, which is conducive to relaxation and thinking.

white fabric roller blinds

3. Curtain workmanship

When choosing curtains, you must carefully observe the craftsmanship of the curtains. If the patterns on the curtains look rough, or even have some floating lines and jumpers, it means that the production process of such curtains is not particularly good. , which will have a greater impact on the effect of later decoration at home, so it is not recommended to buy. When buying curtains, you can also touch the curtains. Generally speaking, the curtain styles that are soft, smooth and comfortable to the touch are better in terms of quality.

white fabric roller blinds

4. Curtain style and size

When choosing curtains, you should also consider the style and size of the curtains. In terms of style, it can be seen according to the space area. For a room with a relatively small apartment type, the style of the curtains should be as simple as possible to avoid the narrow phenomenon caused by too complicated curtains. If the space is large, it is recommended to choose a larger and more delicate style, which can create a beautiful effect. The size of the curtains is generally about 10 cm wider than the window on both sides. The bottom should be determined according to the style of the curtain. If it is a floor-to-ceiling curtain, it should be 2 cm to 3 cm away from the ground. The short curtain should be 20 cm longer than the bottom line of the window sill, which is more beautiful.

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