Interior white curtains- advantages and disadvantages of white fabric

White is a common color in interior design. It not only makes the room brighter, but also visually expands the space. It has a positive effect on large and small rooms. However, there are some other considerations when choosing white curtains.

How to make better use of white curtains

Combined with bright interior elements. A good example is the use of red. In an all-white interior, a bright red armchair or sofa will stand out because they have no “rivals” to grab attention. Such a composition will appear bright in the living room, but it is not recommended for the bedroom, as it requires calmer tones to relax.

white curtains

An all-white interior always looks light and simply but pay attention to the color of the fabric. For example, the white color of the different elements of the interior can vary from icy snow white to a light cream, and if there are cream tones in the white interior, they will stand out and look dirty. Therefore, when choosing white curtains, you should immediately consider which elements will be used and whether they have options of the same shade, such as furniture, curtains, and wallpaper. 

white curtains

Advantages and disadvantages of white curtains

  • When it is necessary to create contrasting interiors or to focus on its parts, white will reveal itself well. With white curtains, you can easily accentuate any other design elements, especially dark ones. But there are also times when white curtains are not suitable. For example, furniture tends to fade and discolor gradually, and even painted wood can turn yellow over time. If you add new white curtains to a slightly outdated interior, they can indicate the shortcomings of other elements by lightness, so in this case it is suitable to be paired with beige shades, which are more neutral and do not brighten the room. 

Moreover, white curtains are easy to get dirty, and any small stains on it are clearly visible. If the white curtains are not maintained carefully, they will not stay white for a long time.

Combination of white with other shades

White curtains are easy to mix and match with other colors, we have given examples of white contrasted with black or red, which is a classic win-win choice, but other combinations are just as attractive.

Yellow or gold – combined with white curtains to create a traditional bright interior, these shades reinforce each other in contrast and complement each other. If you want to create a festive and positive effect in your interior, try this combination. 

  • Green – or shades of light green, any of these colors can be paired with white curtains. In addition, white curtains can be used to dilute the excessive green in the room. Green walls and ceilings require light-colored furniture and curtains, otherwise the room will look drab. 

Blue is one of the best options to pair with white curtains. Blue and blue tones are emphasized and complemented by snow-white curtains and walls. But there are also disadvantages. Such an interior looks very cold, because blue is a cold spectrum, it is not recommended to use it in a dark room, so as not to have additional dimming effects, but this is a matter of taste. 

  • Patterned and patterned curtains – most simple patterns focus the image with white as a neutral background; likewise, white fabric acts as a canvas in photo prints that won’t be overly obtrusive but will grab all the attention. 

  • White curtains are a universal solution, even if you don’t think about it, a part of the interior will be white, otherwise it will look too heavy visually and you will have to tone it down with light fabrics or wallpaper. With clever handling, white can be used both as an accent color and as a base color that complements other colors.

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