White blackout roller blinds, is this possible?

When you think of roller blinds, you probably don’t immediately think of white blackout roller blinds, because this light color will never darken the interior, will it? However, one of the most popular colors for blackout roller blinds is white. Because white can be combined with anything and is suitable for any interior.

Roller blinds are a practical type of window covering that can be used in almost any living space. They are easy to use, look great for a long time and don’t take up too much living space. When it comes to styling, people often go for roller shades in neutral colors. We mean a hue that matches the color of the rest of the interior. By choosing matching window treatments, you can bring calm and cheer to your living space. For all lovers of stylish, minimalist and modern light-coloured interiors, this information is much needed.


“The darkening has nothing to do with the color, it has to do with the weave of the fabric”

white blackout roller blinds

Weaving process

Back to the blackout aspect of white roller blinds. Due to the special weave of the roller blind fabric, they are very blackout and ideal for use in areas such as bedrooms. You can also choose roller blinds with a special heat-resistant coating. When the sun shines on your windows for most of the day, it will help filter out a lot of light so that your indoor temperature will not be too high, and of course you can freely control the entry of light through roller blinds. White roller blinds also reflect more sunlight than dark fabrics.

white blackout roller blinds

Multifunctional roller blind

You can easily combine roller blinds with other window decorations to add extra ambience to living spaces and interiors. For example, hang curtains in the same or a similar color for a chic look. Roller shutters can be installed on almost all windows:

1. Standard windows

2. Sunroof

3. Swivel tilted windows

4. Bay window

white blackout roller blinds
  • So you can apply it anywhere and make it the way you want. Especially white blackout roller blinds are suitable for various interior decorations and have many practical uses.

Stylish and affordable

  • Not only are white blackout roller blinds practical and durable, but they’re also often affordable when compared to other types of window decorations. Roller blinds are one of the less expensive window decorations.

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