Blackout roller blinds are used in more and more places nowadays, whether it is home, office, shopping mall, coffee shop, the hotel will use it. Therefore, the market demand for blackout roller blinds fabric is increasing year by year. Especially White blackout roller blinds fabric. Because we can make it more with less style and color matching through other processing methods. For example, we can make the fabric suitable for the occasion and pattern you need by printing on the fabric, digital printing, etc.

In view of the above reasons, we have specially developed two different White blackout roller blinds fabrics. One is double-side coated white blackout roller blinds fabric, and the other is single-side coated + foam coated white blackout roller blinds.

Why do you need to choose our White blackout roller blinds fabric?

  1. Our white blackout roller blinds fabric is 100% blackout and can be made into fire-retardant if you need it.
  2. It can be applied to all kinds of printing and digital printing. Such as UV, ink, solvent, etc.
  3. This white blackout roller blinds fabric has passed SGS, Oeko-tex, Intertek certification. This allows you to sell to your customers with confidence anywhere.
  4. Our quality guarantee period is 4-5 years. As long as it is a quality problem, we will immediately compensate you with new fabrics.
  5. We have regular inventory, so you don’t need to order large quantities. At the same time, we can also prepare regular inventory separately for you, so that our delivery time is only 1-3 days.
  6. Available ODM, OEM services. And it’s free.
  7. Free catalogs service for you, labor is free, you only need to pay the cost of catalogs.

The following are the technical parameters of our blackout roller blinds fabric:

ECO-BO UX-007 is a white blackout roller shades fabric. The yarn is polyester filament. After coating finishing technology, the fabric surface retains a certain luster without being too bright. We use special coating technology to make this fabric relatively straight and non-sticky. So it is more suitable for roller blinds, vertical blinds, and Panel Blinds.

ECO-BO UX-007 is woven from 300D*600D 100% polyester fiber, With 8 pass coating to make it 100% blackout roller blinds fabric. with a delicate texture and soft luster, This white blackout roller blinds fabric has a variety of colors, can provide dimension to the surrounding furnishings, and can comfortably complement any environment. With excellent thermal and reflective properties, it helps maintain an energy-efficient environment and a comfortable living environment. Provides a color range that matches well with other UNITEC series products, and can be used with roller blinds, vertical blinds, and panel blinds.

Fabric NameECO-BO UX-007
Composition100% Polyester with Acrylic coated(100% Free of PVC, Formaldehyde, and Halogen to help reduce toxins in your environment)ASTM D3775-07
Weave ConstructionPlain blackout fabric
Width2.0m, 2.5m, 2.8m, 3.0m
Weight330gr/m² ± 5%ISO 2286-2
Thickness0.38mm ± 5%ISO 2286-3
Color FastnessFabric is UV inhibitor-treated. Fabric with a 5+ result offers excellent resistance to the fading effect of light.ISO 105 B02:1999
Fabric Warranty5 years (internal use only)
Care InstructionsDo not allow dust to accumulate. Gently vacuum with appropriate attachment. Do not dry clean. Test in an inconspicuous area with the mild detergent solution before spot cleaning. When spot cleaning does not allow that area to become fully wet, use damp cloth only.

Light and Solar Optical Properties (Tested ISO BS EN 14501:2005):

ECO-BO UX-007 White06832083171000.270.310.330.330.310.360.380.38

It is not easy to produce premium quality white blackout roller blinds fabric. The reasons are as follows:

  1. The total blackout of the white color is more difficult than other colors because white has a stronger light transmittance, so we need to do two more coatings.
  2. White color is easier to change color under strong sunlight, so the coating materials we choose are all produced in South Korea and Australia.
  3. Our production lines are imported from South Korea, so we can guarantee that the white blackout roller blinds fabric will not have quality problems such as skew and curling.

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