What’s The Difference between Roller Blinds Sunscreen Fabrics and Roller Blinds Blackout Fabrics

We have already decided to use roller blinds for our home. Great choice! Now we have to decide if we want to opt for a roller blinds sunscreen or a roller blinds blackout. In this post, we will quickly discuss the difference between roller blinds sunscreen fabrics or roller blinds blackout fabrics and why they buy one or the other system.

What is the difference?

As the name roller blinds sunscreen fabrics, light filter fabrics filter the light; They don’t block the light. Roller blinds blackout fabrics (or roller blinds blockout fabric) have an additional lining that serves to block the light, instead of filtering it. The result is that a blackout fabrics provide the highest level of light control, glare reduction, and UV protection.

Differences between roller blinds sunscreen fabrics or roller blinds blackout fabrics

Roller blinds with blackout fabrics can be used to maximize privacy and limit the amount of natural light entering a space. In doing so:

– Protect furniture and floor from UV damage.

Limit the amount of heat entering a room

– Reduce glare

On the contrary, in the rooms where you want to take advantage of the ambient light, especially in kitchens and living rooms, the best option may be roller blinds with sunscreen fabrics.

You can’t deny that curtains add the perfect finishing touch to a room with custom window treatments, but you don’t have to stop there. While most blinds and curtains filter the light, sometimes you want the option to block it completely. It’s time for BlackOut Curtains. These blackout room curtains are the best option to make the house feel nice and cozy, but that’s not all these curtains can add for added comfort.

Blackout Roller Curtains for Light and Saving Dream

When to use a roller blinds blackout fabrics?

roller blinds sunscreen

In general terms, at any time you want the highest degree of control of light and privacy. Usually, we suggest roller blinds blackout fabrics, every time we have west-facing windows. More specifically, we recommend roller blinds blackout fabrics for media rooms, studios, nurseries, and home offices.

When to use a roller blinds sunscreen fabrics?

roller blinds sunscreen

Roller blinds sunscreen fabrics are effective in sifting light into a room, but it does not block all light. Depending on the degree of opening factor, the brightness that enters the environment will be greater or lesser, while we can, therefore, enjoy the view to the outside.



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