What is Screen fabric?

What is Screen fabric

What is Screen fabric?

Screen fabric is a technical fabric with excellent properties for sun protection, manufactured mainly in two types of material combinations. One with fiberglass and PVC and another combination of Polyester and PVC. This technical fabric has several applications, it is used in roller blinds, vertical blinds, panel blinds, and printed blinds.

Screen fabric properties

The properties of this fabric are unbeatable. Currently, there is no material for the manufacture of roller blinds that offers so many characteristics in the same material. We detail them below:

Protects from UV rays

Protects from the deterioration that exposure to sunlight can cause, such as wear and tear on the color of furniture, floors, and surfaces exposed to the sun inside the room.

Energy savings

The material has a thermal regulation function. Its materials allow the reduction of both cold and heat, acting as a barrier between the glass of the room. Both in summer and winter, it will mean a saving of up to 35% in the heating bill in winter and air conditioning in summer.

Light pass

What is screen fabric? The Screen fabric allows us to take advantage of the maximum entry of natural light without giving up the sun protection offered by the material, even in high openings. The composition and weave of PVC-coated polyester or fiberglass threads act as a screen, increasing more than half the luminosity in the room without sacrificing sun protection.

Exterior views and privacy

It is a micro-perforated material, which means that we can see the outside without being seen from the outside. The special thing is that the views to the outside are not lost

Certified flame retardant fabric

The screen material is fire retardant, a fundamental characteristic for the installation of large surfaces, public spaces, schools, offices, or shops. All of our Screen blinds have a certificate that proves that the material is heat resistant and non-flammable.

Easy maintenance

Due to its characteristic of being hypoallergenic and antistatic, its maintenance will be minimal, it is cleaned with a damp cloth, with a little water and neutral soap.

Ideal for use in areas where there are screens

Reflections can be annoying on the screens where we work or on televisions that are located next to or in front of a window. It is advisable to choose a low aperture to solve the problem of reflections.

How many transparency options does the fabric offer? Openings and types of screen fabric

The opening is the determining factor of the visibility and protection of UV rays of this type of fabric. Technically, the degree of openness is defined as the percentage of the total surface of a fabric occupied by a pore or hole. The influence of the degree of opening with sun protection is related to the passage of light into a room, allowing greater or lesser transparency in the fabric.

What is Screen fabric
Sunscreen roller blind openness factor

Minimal transparency. Low exterior visibility.

Medium transparency. Low exterior visibility.

Medium transparency. Good outside visibility.

Maximum transparency. Great external visibility.

OPENING 0% Blackout
Opaque fabric without transparency or passage of light.

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