What are the advantages and disadvantages of rolling curtains? Do you really understand?

Roller curtain is a common curtain in modern home, its design is novel, easy to operate, so it is welcomed by consumers. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of very roller blinds?


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1. Convenient and easy to use: Rolling curtains can be easily raised and lowered, which is convenient and fast.

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very roller blinds

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very roller blinds

Advantages of very roller blinds:

2. Save space: Roll-up curtains are not like traditional curtains that need to be hung on both sides of the window, it can be rolled up directly and does not occupy the space on both sides of the window, making the room more tidy.

3. Novel design: The design of rolling curtains is novel, which is not only beautiful, but also can meet the needs of consumers for home decoration.


4. Dust and moisture: the material of roller curtain is various, some materials can dust and moisture, keep the room clean and sanitary.

very roller blinds

Cons of very roller blinds:

1. Poor thermal effect: the density of rolling curtains is relatively small, and the thermal effect is not as good as the heavy curtains.


2. Poor shading effect: the shading effect of rolling curtains is not as good as that of shading curtains, which is not ideal for rooms that need to be kept dark.


3. Lack of privacy: the gauze material of the rolling curtain has strong light transmission, which is not suitable for the room that needs to protect privacy.


4. Vulnerable to damage: Rolling curtains have a relatively short service life and are vulnerable to damage.

Would you roll up the curtains?

There is no absolute judgment on the quality of roller blinds. However, the main characteristics of its use are as follows:

1.Rolling curtains are generally divided into manual and automatic two, in the use of the process is more convenient and effortless.

2.If the connection between the curtain and the window is handled well, it can play a good sound insulation effect. Although it can not be 100% soundproof, it can solve many problems.

3.From the point of view of shading, rolling curtains are not as good as heavy fabric curtains. However, if a PVC roller curtain is used, its anti-ultraviolet effect is also very good.

4.Under normal circumstances, the roller curtain is more suitable for use in the bedroom, especially the child’s room. Because the pattern of the roller curtain is more active, it is not easy to be pulled by the child.

very roller blinds

Is it better to use curtains or roll curtains at home? On this issue, it is best to combine the decoration characteristics of the home and the family environment to choose, after all, the rolling curtain is slightly worse than the sound insulation of the cloth curtain, so the pursuit of a quiet family environment, you can consider this factor. In addition, for some suitable rolling curtain occasions, such as small window sills and other places, you can choose a fashionable rolling curtain, which is also very good and good-looking

very roller blinds

In summary, rolling curtains have the advantages of convenient and easy to use, space saving, novel design, dust and moisture-proof, but the shortcomings of poor thermal effect, poor shading effect, lack of privacy, and easy damage also need to be paid attention to. When choosing curtains, consumers need to choose according to their actual needs.

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