5 Reasons to install a vertical zip blind

For sun protection, installing a vertical zip blind is a very good solution. Not only is it easy to install and maintain, but it’s also beautiful and modern. Each type of awning has its peculiarities. But how do you choose the best blind for your current decor? In this article, you can find 5 reasons to install vertical zip blind.


An aesthetic blind

The vertical zip blind is a sliding awning that has a fabric retention system. In this way, it remains perfectly in place, whatever the weather conditions.

This principle gives this awning model the advantage of being aesthetic. By integrating an acrylic canvas or a PVC canvas, the installation is transformed into a real decorative object.

In addition, since the whole structure is simple to clean, it helps to extend the life of your vertical blind. Thus, it will be more pleasant for you to enjoy it, whether it is fitted out as indoor or outdoor sun protection.

vertical zip blind

Effective sun protection

1. The vertical zip blind is effective sun protection.

2. Installed on a terrace, a balcony or in a corner of your garden, its canvas provides you with a pleasant, shaded area. You will be able to enjoy good times outside on sunny days.

  • 3.Plus, by opting for a micro-perforated canvas that lets the wind gently pass through, your relaxation area will naturally look new. Also stay away from prying eyes because its vertical position fits this function nicely!

A perfectly stretched canvas

  • Thanks to the guide system equipped with a retaining mechanism, the fabric of your vertical zip blind is perfectly taut.

  • Indeed, whatever the strength of the wind, the fabric resists bad weather. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, this allows you to protect your furniture and decorative objects from the sweepings of the canvas in the wind. It also protects you from the wind. Despite this, the vertical zip blind is not considered to be a windbreak.


vertical zip blind

A space separation solution

  • Do you want to delimit indoor or outdoor spaces? The vertical zip blind is an excellent layout solution. Repositionable at will, the zip store offers multiple configuration possibilities.

Delimit professional spaces

  • On professional patios such as restaurants, cafés or corporate relaxation areas, you can install zippered blinds that drop vertically. This makes it possible to demarcate the dining area from the lounge area, for example. Vertical shutters also facilitate identification of specific areas. In corporate lobbies or private offices, for example, vertically lowered zippered shutters can separate the reception area from the waiting room.

In an open space office, the vertical zip blind has its place. It allows you to create intimate work areas. Like delimiting the meeting area from the collective area. Or provide greater comfort between each workstation.


Delineate spaces at home

At home, the possibilities are just as numerous. Using the vertical zip blind makes it easier to furnish your home.

Outside, make a separation between the terrace and the parking area for your cars if the latter is visible. This allows you to enjoy your garden without having a view of the driveway of your house, for example.

Inside, why not delimit a small office space from the rest of the living room with a vertical blind, if you work from home for example?

vertical zip blind

A modern and avant-garde vertical zip blind

  • The zip blind can be integrated into an avant-garde interior decoration, by equipping it with home automation technology. Indeed, there are models whose awning can be remotely controlled from your smartphone if you already have a home automation unit in your home. Your awning is thus transformed into a modern object.

In this case, it is advisable to call on a professional to guarantee that your blind is installed in accordance with the standards.

  • The essential points to remember: the zip blind is an effective sun protection solution. Thanks to a support system integrated in its slides, the fabric is perfectly stretched. This gives the awning an irreproachable aesthetic. In addition, the versatility of the awning also allows you to use it to delimit the spaces of your terrace or interiors. And for a touch of modernity, integrating a home automation system into your awning allows you to have total control over your solar protection system!

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