Vertical slat curtains

Many customers are looking to cover large windows or bay windows, but are not sure which product to choose. In this post, we are going to talk about vertical slat curtains and why they are being so in demand.

Installing vertical slat curtains can be one of the most elegant options when it comes to completing the interior design of a room with large windows, both for premises and for homes, where more and more customers are encouraged to install this type of product in their homes.

Vertical slat curtains
vertical blinds

This type of curtain is manufactured completely to measure and personalized for each client.

What customization options do vertical slat curtains have?

  • The type of fabric: Just as in roller blinds you can choose between translucent, screen, or blackout fabrics, for vertical slat curtains, you will have the same options. You can choose the vertical fabric that best suits the needs of the room.
  • The type of opening of vertical slat curtains: This type of curtain has several opening options. The slats can be opened to the right, left, to both sides, or centrally.
  • The type of installation: You can install both on the ceiling and on the wall, and older you will have the option of choosing extension brackets in case you need to save distance from a blind drawer, handle … etc.
  • The width of the vertical slat: We have two widths of slats, 89 mm and 127 mm. The most demanded homes are usually the widest, but it will always depend on your personal tastes and the room and type of window.
Vertical slat curtains
vertical slat curtains

Once you have these options chosen, you will only have to enter the width and height measurements. The width and height measurements must be taken taking into account that, if we want to install the curtain between walls, we will have to deduct 1 cm to make it easier to fit in the available gap, and from the height, we must subtract between 2 and 3 cm, so that the curtain does not drag.

Our vertical slat curtains are guaranteed for two years, they are delivered with the rail and support for a comfortable installation. They are assembled with a collection cord and a drive chain to guide the slats.

As it is a totally personalized product, with a wide variety of fabrics and shades available, and of great practicality, more and more customers are encouraged to install this type of product in their homes.

And you, do you have a large window where you can install vertical slat curtains? If so, go for it.



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