Why the vertical screen blinds are the most attractive options of window covering?

vertical screen blinds
vertical screen blinds

When installing vertical screen blinds both at home and in commercial premises that have large windows, screen fabric is one of the most attractive options due to its multiple properties. It has a high resistance and remains almost unalterable over time, recommended for both outdoor and indoor environments.

It does not deform, does not shrink, does not fray, and maintains color, plus it does not overheat and breathe better than any other. It is a little more expensive, yes, than a translucent fabric, but it also lets in more light and allows you to see the outside without being seen. With an openness of 5%, the passage of light with the vertical screen blinds is high.

The vertical screen blinds are made to measure with the requested height and width, in slats of 89 and 127 mm. It can be installed on the ceiling or on the wall, with a separation bracket of 8-12 cm. The composition of the fabric is divided between 30% polyester and 70% PVC. They have a manufacturing and shipping time of 7 working days and a two-year guarantee.

What’s the properties of the Vertical screen blinds?

Vertical screen blinds are fire retardant, fire-resistant and have antistatic properties that repel dust, thus avoiding the accumulation of dirt.

How to maintain the vertical screen blinds?

The maintenance of the vertical screen blinds is simple. It will be enough to review from time to time that they do not accumulate dust with a sponge and a little water or even with the vacuum cleaner. For specific stains, we recommend using a cloth dampened in mild soapy water and allowing to dry. The stain will disappear without major problem.

How to choose the right color for blinds?

To choose the right color for vertical screen blinds, it is recommended to use our free samples service, which are sent by post within 2/3 days. Up to 5 different colors can be requested by filling out a simple questionnaire and there is no type of purchase commitment.

How to measure the height and width of the blinds?

The height and width measurements of the blinds have to be taken taking into account that if we want to install the curtain between walls, it will be necessary to discount 1 cm to make it easier to fit into the available gap and to the height, it must be subtracted between 2 and 3 cm so that the curtain does not drag.



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