What are the curtain rolling material

What are the curtain rolling materials? Do you really know? Do you know much about vertical blinds for windows?

1.Curtain type

1. Cotton and hemp curtain. The curtain has good moisture absorption and soft feel. As the fabric of the curtain cloth, it has certain effect of absorbing dust in the air. Lack of elasticity and not crisp, easy to wrinkle after cleaning. 

2.Plastic aluminum sheet curtain. Blinds are good for shading and breathable, but they are no more effective against flies than gauze curtains. So the shutters are more suitable for installation in the kitchen of the home, can be washed away oil. 

vertical blinds for windows

3. Flannel curtains. Environmental protection and health, new fashion, convenient cleaning dye and fiber chemical reaction, can penetrate deep into the fiber, feel soft, good dryness, the reverse side of the fabric color deep, strong color fastness. 

4. Wood woven curtain. Wood woven curtain can create a feeling of returning to nature. It can be divided into wood woven, bamboo woven, reed woven and rattan woven. Wood woven curtain furnishings in the home can show the style and grade, it is basically opaque but good air permeability, suitable for pure natural style of home.

vertical blinds for windows

2.Fabric type

1. sunshine fabric: sunshine fabric curtain, and transparent fabric, will be woven with a special method, among which polyester polyester and PVC composite curtain is the most common. The curtain curtain of this fabric can effectively block UV rays, but also can see the outdoor scenery through the curtain curtain. 

2. semi-shading fabric: as the name suggests, the curtain curtain of semi-shading fabric can block the eyes, although can not see the outdoor scene, characters, but there is light irradiation, can effectively block the ultraviolet effect, but the curtain curtain of this kind of fabric is more common, its fabric is slightly poor. 

3.Full Shading Fabric: Full Shading Fabric Curtain Curtain Is One Of The Most Common Office Decoration, It Has A Good Shading And Heat Insulation Effect. At Present, The Curtain Curtain Of This Fabric Is Divided Into A Variety Of Silver Coated Full Shading, Non-Coated Full Shading And White Coated Full Shading.

3. The benefits of vertical blinds for windows

1, adjust the natural light, so that the sun light transmission fabric after diffuse reflection, so that harsh strong light is filtered into soft diffuse light, eliminate glare on the indoor computer or TV screen, improve people’s visual comfort. 

2. Heat insulation and energy saving, good heat insulation performance, make the indoor temperature more comfortable, so as to reduce the use of air conditioning, improve energy efficiency, while saving energy costs, improve the earth’s environment. 

vertical blinds for windows

3. Through the scenery, transparent glass buildings dissolve the boundary of architectural space, the internal and external space is integrated, vertical blinds for windows has excellent one-way perspective effect, in the daytime, prevent peeping outside the window, effectively protect indoor privacy; Indoors, it still maintains a clear view effect. Shading curtain brake forms and methods, shading curtain curtain has manual control, intelligent control, cluster control and extended control four brake forms. Manual control includes manual switch control, radio remote control, manual plus wireless remote control.

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