Venetian blinds vs. roller blinds – make the best choice!

Do you want to protect your windows in summer, or prepare a suitable sun protection product for your home? People often ask whether Venetian blinds or roller blinds are the best option. After all, there are other suitable products on the market. For example, Venetian blinds are different from roller blinds. In this blog post, you’ll learn more about the differences between the two models. We’ll also explain the pros and cons to you and give you an overview of the most important factors influencing your buying decision.

Venetian blinds

When asking about the function of the Venetian blinds, you should know that they are usually installed on the outside of the window. Most importantly, they protect the interior from unwanted light and darken the room. Depending on the type of Venetian blind, you may also have electrical models installed in your home. This makes it easier to move them up and down with a suitable control, such as a remote or switch.


Venetian blinds vs. roller blinds


1. Almost completely dark room (can still shine a little diffuse light into the room)

2. Best heat and sound insulation

3. Sturdy structure can withstand bad weather

4. Prevent mosquitoes from entering

5. Anti-theft protection


Venetian blinds vs. roller blinds
  • 1. The incidence of light is not individually adjusted

    2. More expensive (especially for follow-up work)

    3. Difficult to replace due to solid construction

Roller blinds

  • If you want to use this design, you should know that it is attached to the inside of the window. This requires a specific structural design that differentiates it from other privacy screens. With movable slats, it can be adjusted continuously using cable guides. Materials may vary by model type:

1. Aluminum

2. Wood

3. Plastic (e.g. PVC…)

4. Bamboo

  • The material should be cleaned regularly. Depending on the material, different products are recommended for cleaning. You should pay attention to the materials that make up the structure.



1. Shading

2. Easy installation

3. Easy to clean

4. Many styles

Venetian blinds vs. roller blinds


Indoor use only

Whether you need external shutters, interior shutters,Venetian blinds or roller blinds or similar structures, you should choose the most suitable product based on its advantages and disadvantages. We at UNITEC are experts in the field of roller blinds. With the right information and tips, we can help you make a buying decision. You will also find the right accessories for your roller blinds with us. Welcome to contact us. We look forward to your visit!

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