Guarantor of your privacy, the Venetian blind allows you to play on natural lighting in addition to decorating your interior. In wood, aluminum, or textile, discover the model that best meets your needs.


To regulate the intensity of natural light, consider the blind. From the material to the orientation of the blades, here are some tips for choosing the right accessory.

Venetian blind

Wooden models, the aesthetic choice

All awnings are primarily intended to protect you from the sun. Venetian blinds, which are part of the interior models, allow you to dim the natural light or hide it completely. The blades help to modulate the light according to your needs. These slats are available in different materials that define both the quality and the aesthetics of the awning. Wooden blinds, for example, easily match most styles of decoration. Noble and elegant, the wood is also very warm, in addition to having good resistance. These models are offered in a wide range of finishes.

Venetian blind

The PVC Venetian blind, easy to maintain

  • The PVC Venetian blind is particularly known for its resistance to humidity. This material is also light, but above all, very easy to clean. For its maintenance, simply use a cloth or a sponge lightly soaked in soapy water on the blades. PVC blinds also offer very good value for money. And on the aesthetic side, they will surprise you with the variety of colors and finishes available. Just like PVC chairs, there are imitation wood or leather models in addition to every color palette imaginable. 
Venetian blind

The aluminum Venetian blind, an ode to modernity

  • The aluminum Venetian blind, for its part, is for those who wish to add a breath of modernity to their interior decoration. Beyond their aesthetic aspect, the blinds designed in this material offer a very high resistance, especially to humidity. You can therefore install them in humid rooms such as the bathroom or the kitchen. Aluminum blinds also have a long lifespan and good value for money. Like the PVC models, they come in a wide variety of finishes including imitations of different natural materials. 

The alternative of fabric or leather models

In the range of Venetian blinds, there are so-called roller models. Unlike conventional slatted blinds, these are made up of two layers of fabric that slide over each other. Also known as sifting roller blinds, these blinds allow for all aesthetic fantasies thanks to patterned fabrics. The leather blinds for their part fall under a slatted model. The structure is often in aluminum or PVC, sometimes in wood with slats covered in leather. This last finish will bring charm and originality to your interior decoration.

Venetian blind

Standard or custom dimensions?

  • In terms of size, you already must choose between different blade widths. Regardless of the material chosen, the slats usually come in the following sizes: 16, 25, 35. For aluminum Venetian blind, the slat width can be up to 50 mm. These dimensions affect the design and affect the modulation of the lighting. Then, you will have to choose the width of the blinds. Standard widths in wood and PVC up to 260 cm. For aluminum it can go up to 280 cm. For larger windows, custom shutters are still the best solution. Otherwise, you can turn to California-style blinds with vertical blades.

Manual or motorized?

The adjustment of the opening of the blades is done manually, thanks to a crank. To lower or raise the blind, you must operate it manually, unless you integrate a motorization system. This electrical device makes it possible to automate the opening/closing of the Venetian blind and to include remote controls. This is an option that provides additional comfort. You have the choice between a motorization with wired control or radio equipment. You can then add many options to the engine. Among other things, you can integrate a solar sensor that automatically deploys the awning in the event of strong sunlight. Rain or wind sensors work on the same principle. It is very convenient!

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