The benefits of external sunshade rolling curtains and window decoration problems

Sunshine is not only our human beings, but also the source of life of all things on the earth, however, in our housing, many houses are facing the west, to the summer, the sun is a little too much, as the saying goes, if the west-facing houses do not adopt certain treatment measures, then, for our health, for the house living quality is also a great impact, generally very Many houses are using external sunshade rolling venetian blind with curtains, then, what are the benefits of external sunshade rolling curtains? What are the problems of window decoration that should be paid attention to?

What are the benefits of the outer sunshade roller venetian blind with curtains?

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1. Sound insulation performance, under normal circumstances, people want to have a quiet room, especially near the street, highway room. The sound insulation of the window can be greatly improved by using the completely closed outer sunshade curtain window installed outside the window. 

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venetian blind with curtains

2, Weather resistance, sunshade window has the ability to resist wind, rain and snow and sand. Added a protective barrier to the doors and Windows of the building.

3 Sun protection performance, in contrast to the winter people want to warm the room through the window of the sun, the summer sun is not what people want to get, at this time only a small part of the light is reflected by the window, the vast majority of it is through the glass into the room, thus, people put forward the sun protection requirements. Although there are various sunshade methods, the external sunshade rolling window installed on the outside of the glass window is one of the ideal solutions to solve the problem, because first, the external sunshade rolling window can reflect most of the sunlight; Second, the outer sunshade rolling venetian blind with curtains can also be stepless adjustment into the indoor sunlight; Third, its use basically does not take up space. By reducing the amount of heat entering the room, one can save a lot of the electrical energy used for air conditioners. If you choose a light-colored roller profile, you will be able to better improve the reflection of sunlight.

venetian blind with curtains

What are the problems of window decoration that should be paid attention to?

1. Replace the doors and Windows before removing the venetian blind with curtains because the process of removing the Windows will destroy the indoor and outdoor walls, so replace the doors and Windows first and then carry out the next step of decoration. It is recommended that we should choose high-quality brand doors and Windows when decorating doors and Windows, because the quality of doors and Windows profiles will determine the grade, sealing and anti-aging of the entire doors and Windows.

2. The selection of doors and Windows with good precision and strength is recommended to go to the regular building materials market, especially some poor plastic doors and Windows, with poor steel lining, even without steel lining, and other accessories are also poor. The appearance of some plastic doors and Windows is too white or gray, indicating that the stable components in the material are not enough, and it is easy to age and turn yellow over time.

3. Check whether the hardware is flexible and smooth, the lower part of the window frame should have an aluminum slide rail to facilitate its replacement, and the middle of the sealing tip of the window sash should have a fixed piece, which is the key to the sealing of the window.


4. The window frame should be filled with foam glue between the window frame and the wall, and the inside and outside of the window frame must be sealed with silicone copper glue or sealant to prevent water seepage.

venetian blind with curtains

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