The lazy lamented: Washing the curtains for half a lifetime is laborious and expensive! Only after regretting did I realize that there was no need to dismantle and water

Curtains are an important part of the home. Not only can it create a private space and shade, but it can also enhance the taste of the home and create a warm atmosphere. No matter how beautiful types of window coverings are, they will inevitably become old and dusty after hanging for a long time, which will seriously affect your health.

1. Vacuum cleaner cleaning method

Clean the curtains? The easiest and least labor-intensive method is to use a vacuum cleaner. Since there is the most floating dust on the curtains, it is convenient and clean to suck it lightly without disassembly. (Cleaning of carpets and bedding is acceptable)

types of window coverings

2. Steam iron cleaning method

In addition to ironing clothes, an electric iron is also a good helper for cleaning curtains. The steam iron itself has a humidifying effect, and it can also de-wrinkle the curtains, which will definitely make the old curtains look new again.

3. How to clean the blinds?

Blinds are the most fashionable, beautiful, and stylish, but they are a headache to clean. Coup: Use a clip, wrap the clips on both sides with a rag, then stretch it with a rubber band, dip it in a little detergent or white vinegar, it will be clean with less worry and effort.

types of window coverings

4.Types of window coverings——How to clean roller blind

Roller blinds are generally difficult to disassemble, but they can’t be cleaned no matter how hard you wipe them, and it’s very laborious. You might as well dip a detergent brush to remove the floating dust, and then spray some polish to keep the roller blinds clean for a long time. Let it dry naturally That’s it! Types of window coverings should have different ways of cleaning.

types of window coverings

5.Tips for dealing with chemical fiber polyester curtains

The curtains made of chemical fiber polyester fabric are very wear-resistant, so it is no problem to wash them with a washing machine! But disassembly is very troublesome, if you want to be lazy, there is a way. Add some baking soda, alcohol, and rose essential oil to the water and mix thoroughly, put it in a small watering can and spray it, which is better than a vacuum cleaner.

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    2. Heat insulation

    Blackout curtains can block the heat radiation of the outside sun, so its heat insulation effect is very good, and it is often used in decoration, especially in summer, it can isolate the hot sun outside, and you will not feel hot indoors.

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