What are the most suitable types of shades for each style?

The shades are a decoration accessory that will help you define the decoration and style of any space. In addition, depending on the design you choose, you will improve the privacy of your home and block the passage of direct light, achieving a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Each types of shades have a series of individual characteristics that make it perfect for a specific decorative style.

There are many queries that come to me, so I am going to make a series of posts about them. Next I will tell you which are the best known, how they work and the types of environment for which they are most appropriate. This way you can combine them successfully. Don’t miss it!


types of shades

This type of shade is one of the most classic and its system consists of a bar, usually metallic, on which curtains fabric hang. These are held in place through perforations that are normally reinforced with metal or plastic rings. Thanks to this mechanism, the shades fabrics can be moved horizontally.

The material with which custom-made curtains are made can vary in terms of thickness and appearance. You can choose between models that completely block the passage of light, similar to those found in hotels or very fine and soft fabrics, and similar to blinds that, thanks to their translucent properties, allow bright spaces.

The patterns are also very varied. You can choose a custom made roller shades with fabrics whose designs coordinate with the rest of the decoration or other types of textured materials.

This type of shade is very interesting since it will keep the monochrome aesthetic, but it will play with the transparency levels to create patterns.

This design is what you are looking for if you are decorating a space with a classic style and want to take advantage of the cozy spirit that this type of shades transmits instantly. It will also be perfect if you want to cover an access door to a terrace or garden since it will allow you to open it when you want to pass.


types of shades

They are the mother category of blinds and include all types of roller shades, blinds, and curtains that, through a system of pulleys, fold and unfold vertically. They can be rolled up on themselves or bent thanks to their mechanism. Its movement is vertical and the dimensions usually involve the entire width of the window.

Its versatile spirit is reflected in the enormous amount of materials and finishes that can be used to make these custom shades, from traditional fabrics to other techniques that block the passage of light. Even day and night finishes that allow modulating the amount of light that is allowed to pass through.

It is also possible to make them in a completely personalized way, printing the image you want by sublimation.

They are an essentially practical, simple and modern decorative element that will be perfect to install in any corner of the house. To choose its ideal length, you will only have to take into account if you are going to place furniture underneath or if there is a radiator. In this way you will avoid them colliding and the consequent negative visual effect.

Another elegant option in this category is screen roller shades. This type of shades allows you to modulate the luminosity that you let through, so they fulfill a second function, also working as blinds. They are a great option for those who work shifts and need to block out the light completely to sleep during the day.

types of shades
Screen roller shades

3# Types of Blinds: VERTICAL BLINDS

types of shades

They work as a system of translucent folding panels that allow regulating the amount of light that passes through them. When these are completely perpendicular to the window, they do not block light from outside and, as they are placed horizontally, they become a shade that completely blocks the window.

The light that vertical blinds are able to retain depends on the material with which the panels are made. As with blinds and vertical shades, this type of shades system is available in numerous finishes with levels of translucency ranging from minimal resistance to the passage of light to total blocking of it.

Another element that will affect the design of your room will be the width of the panels you choose. The most standard dimensions are 89 and 127 mm.

The wider the slats, the more elegant and sophisticated the finish.

As for the color, this will depend on the type of shades fabric used, but the usual thing is that you can design your shades taking into account the rest of the decoration, since it usually comes in a large number of colors.

This type of shades is perfect for offices, rooms, and living rooms with a minimalist and clean style. Its vertical and stylized aesthetic will help you visually elevate the ceilings while transmitting sobriety and elegance.

By choosing the perfect type of shades for your space, you will be able to enhance your decoration and improve its functionality.

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