Types of roller blinds: Translucent roller blinds, Screen roller blinds and Blackout roller blinds

Types of roller blinds, Translucent roller blinds, Screen roller blinds and Blackout roller blinds
Types of roller blinds, Translucent roller blinds, Screen roller blinds and Blackout roller blinds

By placing roller blinds in your home or premises you will achieve, in addition to regulating the light that penetrates and provide privacy, decorate the space and add a degree of aesthetics and design without equal. Thanks to this type of roller blinds, you can play with the perception of the rooms, creating a greater feeling of spaciousness in the case of small rooms, and even bring greater warmth and comfort to the place.

If you are thinking of renovating these types of roller blinds on your property, regardless of whether it has private or professional use, we invite you to discover UNITEC – the leading manufacturer and supplier of roller blinds fabrics and everything we have for you. We have been a factory specialized in blinds, curtains, Japanese panels and their mechanisms since 2002, which decided to get closer to the customers, giving them the possibility to buy the best types of roller blinds. When you buy UNITEC, you have the certainty that you are acquiring 100% original products of high quality and at adjusted prices so that you can access them more easily.

Types of roller blinds

Translucent roller blinds. They are the types of roller blinds that allow light to penetrate slightly into the room, illuminating it but not excessively. They are installed more frequently in warm and sunny environments and, therefore, you want to control the entry of sunlight and heat. In addition, they provide intimacy and privacy.

Screen roller blinds. If you want to make the most of daylight hours and allow it to be accessed in large quantities, this model is for you. They are usually installed in rooms where light and heat are scarce and, therefore, must be optimized to save energy, such as cold and/or humid climate areas.

Blackout roller blinds. These are the classic types of roller blinds that Isolation and privacy 100% guaranteed. They do not allow heat or sunlight to penetrate, so it is advisable to place them in very sunny rooms and in areas with generally hot climates. They have the particularity of maintaining the temperature of the interior.

How to choose roller blinds?

We know that choosing new roller blinds can be difficult. You have to take measures to get the dimensions right and that they are not too big or small, think about the color that will best fit the rest of the room, check different textures and fabrics, so it is important not to make a decision lightly and buy those types of roller blinds with which you are totally satisfied and that fit perfectly with your windows.

We help you find the ideal types of roller blinds for you and we give you the possibility of requesting samples of the blinds you want without any cost or commitment on your part. There are more than 18 years of experience in the types of roller blinds industry that endorse us and allow us to advise you in a personalized way according to your needs and requests, so you can be sure that you will acquire the curtains you are looking for.

Browse our website and discover all the types of roller blinds that we have for you. We will wait for you!



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