What different types of custom blinds are there?

Blinds are not only decorative but also functional. In the summer, they keep the sun out, and in the winter, they create an extra layer of insulation between the window and the living space. By adjusting the blinds, you can control the amount of daylight that comes in. In addition to being functional, blinds are also very decorative and fit almost any interior style. Do you know what are the different types of custom blinds?

Blinds come in many different shapes and sizes. Venetian blinds consist of horizontal or vertical strips which can be made of different materials. The strips are also called slats. The slats are often available in different widths. The most common sizes are 25mm or 50mm.


The first type of custom blinds -aluminum blinds

Aluminum shutters are available in different slat widths. Different slat widths ensure that the right blind can be found for every window. Blinds with smaller slat widths, such as 16mm aluminum blinds, are ideal for small windows.

types of custom blinds

A very popular slat width these days is the 50mm shutter. These are also available in aluminum versions. They look a lot like wooden shutters, but the material is much thinner so they look more comfortable.


1. Slats are easy to keep clean

2. Strong material (but resilient and can take a beating)

3.  Aluminum is available in more colors

4. Economical price of aluminum

5. Modern look

6. Always Fit (Tailor Made)

types of custom blinds

The second type of custom blinds- wooden blinds

  • Wooden shutters are currently very popular. Wood seems to be a suitable material not only to create the desired atmosphere but also to create warmth in the home. Due to their natural look, these can fit well into a plant lifestyle, but with their cool tones, these wooden shutters are also great for industrial interiors.


Because wooden shutters are one of the most insulating forms of custom window treatments, many end up opting for this stylish window treatment. You can also choose from different slat widths for your wooden shutters, and you can decorate your shutters with luxurious ladder tape.


1. Luxury appearance

2. Nature

3. Suitable for every interior

4. Great atmosphere

5.  Nice to combine with other curtains

  • Blinds Expert Tip: If you want to make a room more inviting, you can combine center curtains, drapes or net curtains with blinds. This combination provides an extra cozy ambience and better acoustics.

The third type of custom blinds- PVC Shutters

  • The vertical slats of PVC blinds are heavier and thicker than aluminum blinds, and because the material is flexible and workable, wood grain can now also be worked in the slats. Therefore, these shutters look more like wooden shutters.

Also, these types of blinds are the easiest to clean due to the materials used. PLEASE NOTE: If you want to finish your PVC blinds with trapezoidal tape, more tape will be used. This is because the material is much heavier.

1.  Always fits (tailored to the millimetre)

2. Water proof

3. Do not fade

4.  Easy to install

5. Suitable for all types of humid areas

6. Unique design/look

types of custom blinds

Do you choose custom blinds or standard blinds?

You can have your blinds custom made or choose a standard size. If you choose custom blinds, you no longer have to choose from different types of blinds because they are all assembled by you. You can choose the material, color, width and more of the slats. You can even control the color of the rope. Plus, you can be confident that custom blinds will always fit perfectly on your windows.

How to choose the right blinds?

The best way to choose from the different types of blinds is to consider several important factors.

  • Material: First you choose the material. You can determine this by looking at the style of your home, the hanging space for your shutters, the width of your windows, and your budget.

Color: Then choose a color that matches your home’s style and other colors in your home furnishings. These are sure not to get boring and will continue to suit interiors well into the future.

Fabrication and Hanging: Now that you have selected the material and color from the different types of blinds, you can decide if you want to make the blinds to size. Remember you can’t drill holes in a plastic frame, so the hanging method is also important. When choosing a hanging method, also ask yourself how would your DIY experience be.

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