Type of blinds: functionality and style

The range of blinds has grown a lot and now we find different alternatives on the market to decorate our windows, such as Japanese panels, vertical slats, different types of blinds, and even Venetian blinds.

For this reason, it is increasingly common for interior decorators to use the different types of blinds that exist, to create functional and stylish spaces.
In today’s post, we are going to talk about the types of blinds that there are, so you can also get a design house with personality.

What is blind?

But first of all, we must know what a blind is. It is a curtain, sometimes thinner, that folds and unfolds vertically. There are two kinds of blinds depending on the mechanism used to collect the fabric, roller or folding depending on the type of blind we choose, it will have one gear or another.

All types of blinds have advantages, which make them very practical and functional blinds. One of its advantages is that they are very easily washed, simply with a damp cloth or even in the washing machine. In addition, the blinds allow the light that enters our home to be adjusted, thanks to their degree of openness. Of course, the range of colors, patterns, designs, and textures is infinite, which makes it easier for us to find the type of blind that best suits our needs.

Types of blinds

In addition, based on these two mechanisms we can organize the blinds in different categories as we will see below:

Roller blinds

Type of blinds

This type of blinds is very easy to handle. They consist of a cylinder at the top, where the fabric is collected or rolled. In this category we find different types of blinds:

Screen blinds: screen blinds are made with a fabric that allows only the light that we want to pass through, and also prevents the entry of UVA rays, heat, and cold. The degree of opening of the screen blinds ranges from blackout to 10% brightness.

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Day and Night blinds: Other types of roller blinds are known as night and day blinds. Its fabric is characterized by the combination of opaque and translucent fabrics, which by combining them we can adapt our blind to the time of day in which we are.

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Folding blinds/Roman blinds

Type of blinds

This type of blinds differs from the previous ones because between their fabric we find horizontal rods that allow us to collect or fold the curtain, thanks to its rope mechanism.

Package blinds: within the folding blinds we find another variety, package blinds, which, unlike the folding ones, do not have rods. This quality gives the fabric a more natural drape.

Decorate with the type of blinds

The different blinds take up little space. This makes them very practical. They are perfect for small, dimly lit rooms. With the blinds, we achieve luminosity and save space.

In large rooms or rooms, they also work well. They dress the place a lot and bring light. By choosing the right style we get home with style and personality.

Blinds are also great for work areas because they convey professionalism through their simple mechanism and minimalist aesthetic.

We just have to decide what we want to achieve in a certain room. Once you have decided, you have to find the type of blind that most benefit us.

Have you decorated your house with blinds? What type have you chosen and why? Tell us in the comments.

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