PROFESSIONAL ideas and trends in blinds and curtains

Trends in blinds and Curtains. Characteristics and Keys to Choose Them.

How to choose the right and fashionable blinds and curtains? What are the latest trends in blinds and curtains?

trends in blinds and curtains

Dressing your windows is key to improving the aesthetics of your environment and meeting the lighting needs of your home. We leave you some tips for you to choose the most suitable for your home.

The windows play a leading role in the lighting of each environment. Therefore, choosing a good curtain is much more important than you might have thought until now. It is that, in addition to regulating the light and helping to create different effects and decorative styles, curtains are great allies of comfort and privacy. Therefore, it is recommended that, before choosing them, you analyze the needs of each space and each window. Choosing a curtain just because of the fabric you like the most of what you saw in a magazine photo is not enough.

In this article, two experts share fundamental recommendations so that you can learn more about the latest trends in blinds and curtains and evaluate the best alternatives for your home.

Yes and No

If we talk about trends in blinds and curtains, the expert Wuhei Lee, the Fabric Designer of UNITEC Textile Decoration assures that the latest novelty is the mechanized, roller blinds, horizontal blinds, or vertical blinds, and Venetian blinds. “They all have in common that they work with a drive mechanism, either to lift them, to move them or to open the bands,” she explains. At the same time, she clarifies that “the traditional curtains, type curtains with the barrel, continue to be used.”

The expert also says that the world of curtains is not so influenced by fashions or seasons; “What matters is responding to a specific need,” warns Chris Lee, the Sales & Marketing Director of the UNITEC team. He, although he admits that the classic heavy curtains have been old-fashioned, with a lot of fabric, except that you want to achieve a theatrical atmosphere in your own home.

Color and patterns trends in blinds and curtains

It is recommended that you do not choose options that mark an era to avoid later getting bored with your own curtains and blinds. The idea is that the ones you decide to install you like for years and you can combine them with the style of the environment. Of course, you can choose the colors and accessories of blinds and curtains.

Chris explains that, in keeping with current styles, “the blinds and curtain fabric samples prioritize neutral and light colors (white, ecru / cream and beige), and we recommend choosing flat curtains, with little fabric. Other products that provide a very net effect are oriental panels, which are still a trend “, he proposes. These fabrics can be of any gender, and their system consists of a modulated guide that slides along a rail of blinds and curtains.

Patterns? They are not that common, at best for a nursery. “The most that can be used in terms of patterns is some scratching through the texture of the fabric, or some very simple embroidery,” says Chris, who always advises choosing neutral tones for bedrooms and living rooms. The ideal fabrics for a light curtain? Cotton, linen, chiffon, or canvas. This is another one of the trends in blinds and curtains in recent years.

Selection Criteria based on the trends in blinds and curtains

The most common mistake made when it comes to curtains that you should avoid is impulsively buying standard-size, medium-quality curtains from large home goods stores. It should not be forgotten that “each environment is a very valuable space,” says Wunhei Lee. Therefore, the first thing you should consider is the place in your house where you want to place blinds or curtains since “they do not have the same function in a bedroom, where we need darkness for rest and privacy during the day; then in a living room or dining room, where you have to prioritize the entry of light and not so much privacy ”, explains the expert.

It is also essential that you take into account if the windows have blinds or not, to define if you want to stop UV rays, give your environment complete darkness, or simply that the curtain fulfills a decorative function.

A fabric for every need

Another important aspect is, as Mr.Huang, Product Manager of the manufacturer of architectural and decorative solutions UNITEC points out, to be able to identify the east-west-north-south orientation of each environment so that you can know the incidence of the natural light at every moment of the day.

Once you manage to analyze all the mentioned factors, the choice of the most suitable fabric for your curtains comes into play.

In that sense, it is worth knowing that the:

trends in blinds and curtains

For every taste and style

It is clear that not all kinds of blinds and curtains will go well everywhere. As we saw, due to their characteristics, there are curtains that will be more suitable for one or another window. So, if it had:

Handles or overhangs, the choice of shade is limited. Mr.Huang recommends separating the drape from the window with the help of brackets or shims. “You can also consider using reverse-drop roller shades, which give the environment a more modern look, They are trends in blinds and curtains,” he advises.

Leaves that open inwards, you can choose between several options. For example, if there is enough space in the upper part of the window, a small head curtain can be used so that the fabrics, when collected, take up little space. In this sense, Mr.Huang proposes roller and pleated shades.

Little space at the top, “the ideal will be to choose products that move to the sides, such as vertical blinds or oriental panels,” says the expert.

In addition, those that are:

Horizontal, wider than tall, requires a vertical type design, with light fabric, as it gives a feeling of greater height and spaciousness to the environment.

Double height can be very well with flat and motorized curtains that facilitate their daily use.

Trends in blinds and curtains of kitchens

trends in blinds and curtains

Kitchens require some special considerations. Among them, take into account if the window in which you will place the curtain is located near the sink or an appliance. If so, it will be more susceptible to stains, odors, and moisture. For this reason, it is important that you choose fabrics that are easy to maintain and wash, which also allow the entry of light. The screen fabric (roll-up, Roman) is, according to Glass, a modern option that meets this objective and remains impeccable for longer as they are highly resistant to humidity.

For its part, Wunhei Lee recommends, because they are considered hyper functional, curtains or blinds with a roller system and micro-perforated fabric that is “made of PVC and fiberglass, it repels fire and odor; and which can be easily cleaned with a cloth and white soap (never a detergent, stain remover or any other abrasive product). They come plain or they can be stamped with drawings that give warmth to the kitchen, ”She explains. Whether you choose Screen fabric or PVC fiberglass blackout fabric, these are trends in blinds and curtains.

As far as this subject is concerned, there is a world to discover. Now you can draw the curtain and blinds and know the most beautiful options to dress your house. So please continue to follow the trends in blinds and curtains with us.

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trends in blinds and curtains

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