Translucent roller blinds - a practical and stylish accessory

Original translucent roller blinds can make a big difference. The use of variable fabrics allows you to use them to decorate any interior. Thanks to the stylish faceted canvas, the design of the room changes and becomes not only more comfortable but also more personal.

What solutions does the online store offer? In our virtual catalog you can find explanations from:

1. Chemical fiber cloth

2. Natural Ingredients

3. Specially impregnated canvas

translucent roller blinds

Each solution is practical and convenient. Such accessories are characterized by their antistatic, dustproof, antibacterial properties. In addition, roller blinds have the effect of keeping warm. Therefore, in winter, it can help us resist the cold. And in summer, it prevents overheating. The wide variety of translucent fabrics and rich shades, as well as the variability of transparency, make fabric roller blinds the ideal highlight for interior design. Accessories will become an organic addition to the space, harmoniously coexisting with traditional curtains. Different roller blinds have different degrees of light transmission.

The types of translucent roller blinds are:

1. Zebra blinds

2. Vertical blinds

3. custom blinds

4. Blackout blinds 

  • Each of the options has a lot of interpretations, allowing the interior to acquire a unique charm, comfort, and coziness. 

translucent roller blinds

Indoor translucent roller blinds

  • You can buy original translucent roller blinds to decorate any room, which will make your room more modern, and you can also add your favorite elements in the design, which reflects a high sense of fashion and taste. Roller blinds will add refinement and elegance to an apartment or a house.

For the kitchen – accessories with light colors, simple prints, as well as canvases with abstract patterns are ideal. This multicolor solution will fit perfectly into the interior of a restaurant or kitchen.

  • For children’s rooms – translucent mini roller blinds with a bright and rich design are recommended.

Translucent roller shades in blue, yellow, pink, green versions will be organically combined with simple geometric or floral patterns.

In the living room, it is recommended to give preference to curtains with a minimal design.

Advantages of Translucent Roller Blinds

Although new and trendy sheer roller blinds came relatively late to the market, they were immediately popular among ordinary people and professional interior designers alike. What’s the secret to the popularity of this modern accessory? It is attractive mainly because it compares favorably with traditional drapes. Unlike classic curtains, Translucent roller blinds won’t wrinkle, warp, resist dust and stains, and won’t fade in sunlight.

Possibility to install Translucent roller blinds

  • Buying modern roller blinds is the right choice. The appeal of this accessory is also that it can be attached in a variety of ways. The canvas can be fixed freely with self-tapping screws or special clips. Fixing is made easier when you choose the mini translucent roller blinds system. They can be mounted on double-sided tape or special magnets.

Maintenance characteristics of roller blinds

Roller blinds are unique in that they are very easy to maintain. Even with dry cleaning only, Translucent curtains will always look impeccable. Buy translucent roller blinds – this means taking care of the accessories with a vacuum cleaner. Some fabrics can be cleaned with a soft damp sponge dampened with a mild soap solution. Spots are usually easily removed with a normal eraser.

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