Tips for buying roller blinds: The Ultimate Guide you need to know

Roller blinds are the most requested type of blind for many reasons. They are comfortable, they are beautiful and they are very practical because they are also easy to clean if you take our advice into account. In fact, you can check our post “Why to choose Roller Screen Shades?” and you will see that it can be done without disassembling. But do you know what you have to look for to be successful in your purchase of a cheap roller blind? We help you with some tips for buying roller blinds that we hope you will find very useful to get your purchase right, the first time.

Tips for buying roller blinds

Tips for choosing roller blinds

Some useful tips for buying roller blinds

Tips for buying roller blinds
roller blinds tips

Flame retardant fabrics are safer.

Accidents do happen and it is our obligation to prevent them. That is why we recommend fire retardant fabric blinds, which can help prevent an accidental fire.

UV filter.

This filter will help you prevent ultraviolet rays from entering your home, protecting you and your home as well. This type of blinds protect furniture and also wooden floors.

Make sure you have spare parts.

It is important that you make sure that in case a support or a piece of the blind breaks you can buy a replacement. This is something that you will not be able to do with those that sell in large stores, since they come in packs that cannot be separated and, in most cases, they come from China or from places just as far away.

Tips for buying roller blinds: The motorized blinds, the most comfortable.

If you are going to buy new blinds, why not go for one with a motor? These are very comfortable and can be operated with a remote control. Imagine yourself in bed in the morning, being able to open the blind by simply pressing the control so that daylight enters the room. Or lowering the blind from the sofa to prevent the light from disturbing the TV. A little luxury that you will love.

Tips for buying roller blinds: Quality is the first thing:

The screen blinds, like all other types of roller blinds, bases its quality on the operating dynamics that it is made with guaranteed materials.

All the models that you see, from night and day blinds, to practical and effective opaque ones, are each and every one of them of certified quality.

Attention to the measurements and diameter of the tube.

Depending on which model you choose, you will have to provide us with one or other dimensions to buy a custom blind. But you must start from the basis that the blind must overlap the window opening with a prudent margin of at least 5 cm on each side.

On the other hand, the diameter of the blind tube is fundamental and can be of various diameters. If you are looking for a format with a width of up to 260 cm, use a tube between 38mm to 43mm.

Choose 17mm and 28mm, both smaller for smaller pieces of fabric

The possible best roller blinds fabric.

Always try before deciding that the fabric of your roller blind has a certified guarantee. The M1 flame retardant level and the deodorizing certificate should be the minimum to have one at home in good condition.

In addition, there are them of all colors and patterns. If you take a look at our offer you will see that there are a variety of styles that will surely fit with your way of seeing life and with the decoration of your home. These are the additional tips for buying roller blinds.

Once you have them at home and the mountains will pass the days and each time you will realize more that it has been the best choice you could have made for your home.



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